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  1. This is the sound I expected LP to deliver on THP, but oh well… Chester's best vocal track of the last years!
  2. I completely get what you're saying. Lyrics like "Well thank you genius, you think it'll be a challenge Only my life's work hanging in the fucking balance" may seem that he's only concerned about his career and not about the loss of Chester. But if we think deeper… if we think that as soon as he accepted that his friend passed, what's left for him? His whole life's work. He couldn't do anything for Chester, but his work was still "in the fucking balance". He couldn't neglect it and it was killing him. That's my reading about the theme. I was completely wrong on my reading about What The Words Meant, so I can be totally wrong here too. Overall I think that the whole point of Post Traumatic, starting from the album's title, is that Mike wanted to talk about his grief, what he felt, his concerns, how he overcome it, and not about Chester or his — undeniable — friendship with Chester. And we have to thank him for doing it. He could have followed the path of the other band members and kept his grief for himself, but he decided to share it with us.
  3. What The Words Meant is exactly what I've been thinking since Chester passed. We all knew the content of his lyrics but always took them as generic "stories" or "messages" that could fit with anyone's living and experiences. But now we all know that maybe, almost certainly, most of them were Chester's own life and experiences. I mean, the whole One More Light album has gained a totally new meaning since July 20, 2017.
  4. Much better than I expected. This. This. This. This!
  5. As a Linkin Park fan, I'm glad I can have this "full" demo in an official way. It's short? Yeah... but it's a demo. 2 months for 27 secs? Maybe they could include it on the CD or release 2 demos this month to compensate. But hey, in the end you're all "bitching" for having more official content??
  6. Is this the real thing? https://soundcloud.com/bren-edmchi/wft-demo
  7. So we don't have a "track by track" this year?
  8. I feel your pain, bro. Plus, 40$+ merchandise coming from outside of EU is subject to taxes in my country, making it easily go up till around 100€ (≈106$). Bummer.
  9. Good article. I really hope Chester would read it. In the latest shows I've seen, Chester was so fucking great! His screams are more powerful, sometimes touching what he sounded like in Hybrid Theory and Meteora era. Maybe because he doesn't get so tired from jumping all the time, but I prefer it this way. Even without all the crazy jumps he puts a lot of energy on stage, and I'm really impressed about his recent performances, specially knowing he broke his ankle just months ago.
  10. Best crowd I've seen in ages! And Chester is really on fire on this tour!
  11. ^This. Those 2 songs were the worst part of the set.
  12. I liked this episode. I would like to see more, but it's great that they let us see this tracking session that would later become a simple interlude. I really hope they share with us the entire session in a LPU.
  13. A Line in the Sand please. That song is fuckin epic. If not, Mark the Graves would be cool too.
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