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LPU XIII Released!


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The long-awaited new year of the LP Underground is finally upon us! Dubbed "LPU XIII", the 13th year of the LPU packs in a lot of cool things in its bundle!


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LPU XIII - Live now!

The CD tracklisting, which is always the most anticipated, is as follows:



01 Basquiat [2007 DEMO]

02 Holding Company [2011 DEMO]

03 Primo [i’LL BE GONE - LONGFORM 2010 DEMO]

04 Hemispheres [2011 DEMO]

05 Cumulus [2002 DEMO]

06 Pretty Birdy [sOMEWHERE I BELONG 2002 DEMO]

07 Universe [2006 DEMO]

08 Apaches [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.1]

09 Foot Patrol [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.2]

10 Three Band Terror [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.3]

11 Truth Inside A Lie (BY RYAN GILES) [LPU SESSIONS 2013]



Package contents:

"12 months access to Members only community

Pre-Sale tickets Opportunities

Meet & Greet Opportunities

Band Chats

Access to Exclusive Music

Access to Exclusive Events*

Downloadable LPU App

LPU Auctions

LPU-TV / LPTV Downloadable Episodes

Welcome Letter from Joe

LPU XIII Jersey (Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes)

LPU PlugAir (Unlock exclusive content via iPhone and Android)

LPU / HARD ROCK Poster (created by LPU member Andhika Nugraha)

LPU XIII Lanyard + Laminate (Unlocks Early Entry Benefit)

LPU XIII CD (Featuring 10 demos and 2 LPU Sessions tracks)"


Order the CD and package for $57 here!


What do you think?

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I feel like the only reason we aren't getting any good ATS/ LT demos is because the really good ones are saved for potential future albums. Other than that, I'm happy we got a fair amount of demos from past LPUCDs. It truly is better than nothing because I remember such a day when the LP community was starved for unreleased songs *cough*2008*cough*

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There seems to be a one-album "buffer" when it comes to releasing demos, likely because the band often brings back older seeds when working on new material. We didn't get any Meteora demos until after MTM was out, and the number of MTM demos we got increased dramatically after ATS came out. I doubt we get any Living Things stuff on this LPU, but I'd imagine we'll get a couple ATS-era things (keep in mind though, the band worked on far fewer demos on ATS than they did on MTM).

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Once again, I'm hoping for some of that unfamous heavy MTM material to appear. Once again, I bet I'm gonna be disappointed in that regard :P


Some 1998 demos ala "Slip" or "So Far Away" would be great too.


Some ATS demos too, and as Astat said, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some this time.


Worst scenario is if we only get remixes. That would be quite fucked up ahah.

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The site is lacking for sure design-wise...it's not easy to find shit, especially the forums, and you get logged out instantly. I have a lot of problems with staying logged in, even for short periods.


The LPU 12 package is the best I can remember. I use the carabiner daily and the water bottle is great. I hope the LPUXII package is good as well. I'm disappointed that I joined and for a year, LP did literally nothing, but the package made me happy. However, I wasted money for the Summit package when there won't even be a Summit lol....that really sucks.

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so the LPU12 stuff is pretty much gone from the LPU store, only the full package is left right now. I hope some of the items come back, still wanted to get me a laminate + LPU12 CD + LPU8 CD *hehe* before LPU13 but I guess now I can wait until after the launch.

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This may be my first since LPU10 that I don't sign up. We'll see.



I feel like the perks of being an LPU member have just gone away. The chats are dead, the band barely shows up for a chat. All in all its just the package that everyone is after. Summits are nice, but that's about it. Theres nothing much left as "exclusive" (content-wise: like videos, mp3s, etc.) for the LPU.

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Yeah the forums changed a lot but I think it's also a quite big shift in the fan base. I was talking to Mark about it the other day. Nowadays it's almost a whole new generation of LP fans, at least online but that's a different story.

I think all changes in the LPU and basically trashing the old LPU forums, destroying years of work and info drove many fans away. LPU7 and 8 very pretty weak years too. People were extremely unsatisfied with the whole LPU situation at that time, the service was extremely bad.


If the band is not touring the LPU gets boring too, no meet & greets, special events or summits. I like how the whole contest thing seems to work but some other things are not working so well. LPU Auctions had nothing in months, not that I would ever buy something there and the prices the people paid there are just extremely ridiculous, but the items were pretty cool.

The whole LPUTV is still and always has been pretty weak too. I mean Fiore records probably several hours of footage every day on tour. And all we get is some random 1 minute video every month or so. The content is usually good but it could be way better.

The exclusive mp3 content that they've been advertising for as long as I can remember is basically not existent. All I can remember is Morning After live and Crawling in 2009.


The launch of the next LPU is definitely one of my highlights of the year, I can't wait for the new CD. But every time I visit the LPU forums it seems so dead to me. I know there were always some weird people (no offense) but it's not getting better, it's scares me a little what I see there sometimes. I like that here about LPLive a lot better, people know what they are talking about, and if you don't someone does and helps. If you ask something specific over at the LPU you either get no replies or 10 dumb answers until someone like Astat rolls in and tells them otherwise and they still don't believe it xD.

I remember LPU threads on the old forums with like 100+ plus pages of random stuff.

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I've never had problems with the login. I logged in once when I first visited the site after reinstalling windows and since then I only click on my bookmark and I'm immediately on the news page (logged in of course.)


The only reason I visit the forum is because of the collectors thread or if I'm bored the "Back Room" section ^^


Might renew again because they're touring Europe next year and I still have a guaranteed M&G + there may be more summits, early entry.... I just hope the package/CD is any good.

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I'm so ready for a new LPU though I'm trying not to get hyped too much for the CD so I don't get disappointed (meh) again. I've been with the LPU since the 5th year and counting only due to the surprise Mike chats, CD and the new addition "Early Entry" which I'm excited for. I also do have a guaranteed M&G to use up but I prefer barricade than M&G's so who knows when I'll use it.


Yes the LPU does have it's moments of being dead and not much going on in general but that's not stopping me from not being an LPU member since something exciting will always come up here and there.

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Has It Leaked? claims the album comes out in 5 days.

If it leaked, I'm pretty sure we all would have known so and we definitely would have had a tracklisting by now. It's killing me, I just want to know if we are getting demos or Recharged remixes that didn't make the album. Demos will make my happy.

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I think that site is just assuming what will be on the CD. We have been getting demos since LPU9 and we all know the LPU Sessions track will be on the CD. I think it's possible that it won't be demos, but this is good news if it turns out to be true. Lol.

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