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Steve Aoki Performance in Los Angeles 11/15/13


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From his tweet just now:


"GUESS WHAT? I'm bringing Mike & Chester of @linkinpark with me to my LA show at the @ShrineLA!! Don't miss out!! Tix: http://bitly.com/AokifyAmericaLA "


Posted Image


What do you guys think?

This will be the first performance of 'A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES' in the USA and the second time ever, after it was debuted at Summer Sonic in Tokyo in August.



Steve Aoki - Aokify America Tour (18+ W/ Valid I.D.)

Opener: Waka Flocka Flame

Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 08:00 PM


UPDATE: 'A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES' was performed...see the thread for the videos, behind the scenes and more.

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Hopefully we can get a high quality version of this performance this time around. I don't think the band was confident about the Japan performance this summer, seeing as how they surely would have made it a bonus track or released it on YouTube, etc by now if they were to.

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I bet remixes will be on the CD.. Unfortunately. Live tracks are way better than remixes, IMO.

Well.....Idk about that. I'm a little tired of the remixes too. UNLESS they remixed something from an album other than Living Things, and it actually sounds good.

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I was wondering, anyone knows if Steve Aoki plays ALTNC usually in his sets on regular shows?. I've tried to find info about his setlist, but setlist fm doesn't seem to be updated for him, a lot of tour dates missing.

I know he played it at a festival (Tomorrowland?), not sure about other shows
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