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  1. I wouldn't call them complaints, but I appreciate reading all feedback on everything. I personally think these releases are special no matter what is on them, and I am thankful the band does do this. -Lorenzo The poll was posted on LPU, and the CD was not a topic we asked about, simply the package items. Despite what the package content is, the digital membership gives everyone access to the popular benefits such as, Pre-Sales, M&G Lottery, Early Entry, and Chats. I like the idea of opening up the poll to everyone. But just as you comment here on these forums, know that
  2. Thanks for your feedback. We listened to the fans, and took the poll results to create this year's package. -Lorenzo
  3. Hey guys - The LPU XIV Bundle will arrive this week in Berlin. We had some delays at customs unfortunately. The bundle will include all the brand new merch items and a 1 year membership. LPU CD will be released globally the day we launch online. Official release details coming soon. -Lorenzo
  4. Thanks again guys- LPU14 will have a brand new forum. We also will be looking for additional moderators, so anyone here who is an active LPU member and is interested, lookout for that sign up soon. Trust that we do read your comments and try and implement the right changes as fast as possible. LPU-TV Meet & Greet video coming soon, we captured a TON of video but not every single night, It was just impossible. I was an LPU member since LPU 3, and know the old websites very very well. I encourage anyone that has suggestions, questions, thoughts to reach out to LPU HQ dire
  5. Thank you for those of you that shared their true thoughts and concerns. I appreciate that and it helps me focus on things we can improve on. That is the best part about the LPU being re-launched every year, we learn and improve. We take your feedback very seriously, so again thank you for commenting here today. I am happy that the band offers Meet & Greet opportunities for all fans, from the free LPU M&G via lottery, to the small small number of paid Meet & Greet packages that come with great seats to the show. We have something for everyone, and I think that is important.
  6. The show isn't technically sold out. Also any LPU member can head to the Summit w/o concert tickets and just stay for the Summit. We always have fans come and do the Summit w/o the concert. Looking forward to it! -Lorenzo
  7. hey! Happy you had a good time yesterday. I would love to hear your feedback on the summit. Please send me all feedback, good and bad. send me an email here: lpuhq@lpunderground.com Thanks! Lorenzo
  8. Summit Passes were $50 in the past for Digital Memberships and yes it was free for Plus Pass members. This year it's $90 for all members (it includes a Summit T-Shirt, Laminate, food, VIP experience, Meet & Greet, + special gift) The Meetup on Day 1 in NY includes a ticket to the amusement park which cost $40 at the gate, and you get a BBQ with the crew. Not so bad! I promise it's a good deal, you get about 8 hours behind the scenes at the venue and you meet the band, a lot cheaper then all VIP programs out there.
  9. Germany Austria Switzerland for now on iTunes and some Amazon. Stay tuned for more pre-sales!
  10. hey! All info: http://lpunderground.com/MeetLP
  11. LPU XIII is the name of the CD.
  12. Not sure if we will do any listening parties for the LPU XIII CD.