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  1. Oh it is, just check how much his new house was...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. Digging this up cause at this exact moment me with Mark have discovered that there are at least two different No More sorrows on the singles: No More Sorrow, US, PRO-CD-102050 -> Stripped Performance Shadow of the Day, United Kingdom, W790 CD2 -> This is a different No More Sorrow for sure as the final Chester's scream is more consistent than on the promo version. Also you can hear guitar strings being touched on the final second of the recording.
  3. Ok so I have finished gathering available data at this time. These are the versions I managed to find (will update if new info comes around) AMENDS.pdf Also if they didn't care like Sean says he wouldn't reply in such a bad manner in the first place so they do care and they probably crying out loud why people found out DA TRUtH about their greedy personality
  4. It's not them, it's Kerrang! marketing it as the lost music of Chester....jajajaja ๐Ÿคฃ On topic, i said that already but will say it again, this "marketing" or "promotion" name it as you want is a shot in the foot, and I mean big time...starting from banning everything prior to amends (Discogs, ebay, youtube) and ending with sending emails trying to remove articles that aren't what they expect lol I really hope this stuff will derail them sooner than later, for real..and then there are the vinyls a real cash grab, di*k move, $ellout.
  5. This topic should be password protected just in case Mike is lurking (and we all know he is) Delete it while you can, cause we might not get any of this stuff on future streams haha EPIC SHIT, good job dude!
  6. Something somewhere went wrong on this list and people who listen to crap to be honest. Back in the day songs meant something, and now? no ocmment on some of the songs on the list.. Also LP isn't even on Global Digital Artist Ranking, Spotify Charts or itunes. WHAT THE HELL?
  7. OK PEOPLE LISTEN UP. Will ask TRGD and Sean on twitter about any onther versions of Amends and I WILL NOT ASK ABOUT PREV GD ALBUMS, I PROMISE! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  8. Hah, this took me 2 hours to find and crosscheck. Fun to do but not fun to spend money on. Now the thing is where to get all scans from? I'd like to get spotify LP - it seems the most appropriate one to have (besides the CD with 2 bonuse tracks if they're on the actual cd of course) Probably the same version as Target - with two bonus tracks (we're not sure at the moment if they're on the cd or as a digital downloadable content)
  9. Wow didn't think you'd have the balls to write such stuff, but here we are. Guess you could know by now why I am not a part if this stuff and to be honest never wanted to be in the first place (GD ambassadros out of nowhere? Random people from the internet? Just remember how it all went with LP Ambassadors, the first batch that is - they contacted people they mostly know IN PERSON, that's right folks, Adam/Lorenzo did know like 99% of the first ambassadors in person, have contacted them talking about the whole idea. Then have spoken with them over Skype about how the things would go. This is h
  10. Brennan is not the owner of lpcatalog nor he has stuff you've mentioned. Also he is not selling multitrack files. Please stop posting false information
  11. Cool, THP style videos from studio. Need more of these and of course run the LP CSI again!
  12. I have my theory on this one, but better not wonder too much. Thanks to whoever released it! This one's for the books as the quality is superb and the version itself is dope AF!
  13. Nice find, Mike+Brad=LP or just Mike+Brad? ๐Ÿคจ
  14. This huge collection takes alot of space so I assume they want more space? Also like many other said, a particular period of time has ended in 2017. I don't blame people are moving forward. The wife thing was just a stupid joke on my side (was it really? hah)
  15. I say it everywhere he posts, he got married that's why! ๐Ÿ˜“
  16. Ok so had to edit my post, initially I thought that Circuit City and BestBuy What'Ive Done are identical, I mean was the gang that good too pull out almost identical performances? (like the beginning, with Hahn scratching is identical to my ears) Now I really don't know if I was right or not.. btw, @Hahninator Third Encore website on all pages is http://www.3rdencoreoc.com/ instead of http://www.3rdencore.com/
  17. Please post the pic here, we'll see. Yeah there are "couple" of items missing on the catalog too (imho we have all versions of the mixtape there, 90% positive about that, yet there have been things around we had no idea existed so who knows)
  18. That's why there's lpcatalog. Don't know why you guys don't use it from time to time, especially when buying rare stuff. You can always ask us via email too (we'll be glad to help out before you purchase) Check out this page. These are the only album versions we know are legit. As far as we know, other ones available on ebay etc. are bootlegs. Also attached is a promo we're looking for. Anyone has any info on who got it few years back? (must have been a collector for sure) If this is correct, there is IGD we haven't seen from AOL.
  19. Already tried that, most of the links from enhanced cd's don't work If you find anything working please let us know!
  20. I'd love to share but damn I can't. I agreed to some terms thus I got the promos.
  21. Waveform comparisons, top are from promo, bottom album. Aligned to match at least 90%. The rest are the differences.
  22. Basically this is what I have managed to get through ordinary headphones. I believe there are more differences as in volume/effects wise, the promo almost sounds as not mixed properly/aka not final mix. If i write "album time" this means the particular timeframe I'm talking about is at this exact time on the album version so you guys can check what the hell I'm talking about because I can't share And the lyrics below to COG Remix are just so you know at least how it's composed different. Feel free to edit this post if the tables break LPL somehow hah! United States, W11155-14, Water