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  1. LPCatalog haven't sold anything apart from sharing stuff. Get your facts straight and please don't share false information around. K? Thx.
  2. Lol sorry, what i mean is why 2LPs for such album? Is it 30-ish mins each side + etching or just ~20 mins each side? Assume just like RTR, 4 songs per side..either way hope it'll be cool one to have too
  3. Check your email cause i've sent you some london gig scans in JULY.. If You don;t have them i'll send them again this week
  4. Added Cz scans: http://lpcatalog.com/item/2007_minutes-to-midnight/vinyl/0093624912118_cz
  5. https://www.sendspace.com/file/qivfdq Direct stream recording. mp3 166mb
  6. Anyone has CZ scans? Seems like EU is for EU countries and CZ is worldwide -> US 1-561727
  7. Thank You guys for the past 17 years...This journey has been everything an LP fan would love to get...to meet all of You around the world (either on the internet or in person!) I am grateful I was able to do that! My very last show at Brixton where I fulfilled my dream of singing with Chester. I managed to get everything a fan would want, meet them, been on stage with them, worked together with them on two projects and of course sing with them (BiO and Crawling). One thing I won't ever achieve is to get old and bring my kids on a Linkin Park show...nor attend their very last show in their
  8. Bump, if needed I'll scan lpu16 and two new OML ones: Mike and Phoenix. Also got other MFR pick, white one with red logo on front and red "musicforrelief.org" on the other side.
  9. Also looking for new picks! Have Mike and Phoenix Anyone has any THP they want to sell for a fair price? Looking for Brad, Chester and Phoenix!
  10. Tickets purchased. See you on 3rd and 4th as well!
  11. If the tickets are £150+ then the only right thing to do is to show your middle finger 1:20 hrs left and we'll see...
  12. We might have our ambassador questions answered on this stream, remember? And they said on FB live over a month ago so..this should be it
  13. Hybrid is going to edit what I recorded so hopefully he'll bump the volume up a bit. I need some sleep cause I\m going to work today...
  14. Talking To Myself: https://mega.nz/#!x91nzT4D!mjcCJUUR2cXNvijgzhb2RMPnWkdbTn21TbIdbVj4lJw Got whole stream in Wav, just no time to edit. Anyone fancy getting it?
  15. I'm glad it's not only me who doesn;t like this video at all. Having fun and making funny videoclips is good but this is not funny with stupid exploding heads. What on earth?!
  16. I see, ok then. Everyones waiting for any info and we'll post as soon as possible
  17. You guys were pretty sure there was no more stuff before Rapology 12 (can't find the damn post) and now info about 11. Hopefully Curt gets the cd. Can't imagine his excitement when he opens the envelope haha
  18. The intro is awesome. We believe that the live version will be much better than the album. Hopefully soon to hear on the concerts. And by the way anyone else noticed the intro? We heard it before, I think it was on some lpu video?
  19. https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/840357905643655168 Not sure if trolling or it really has something to do with Dedicated
  20. So most of LPL exclusives are leaks. Bad LPL baaaaad LPL. I call something a "leak" when it's about a new song or album or anything before it's official release. If I'm wrong, sorry. I think I already said somewhere that we can't share this stuff, and I would be stupid to first ask WB people, get an straightforward message to not share and then share.
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