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  1. I believe working on one song from the album was one of the prizes in that contest.
  2. Just a clarification, the PT Instrumentals CD-R could be fake but also could be real. Got two sources with this promo, will look further into this one. Yet they still produce such promos of different artists so I can't see a bigger problem why they wouldn't do such for MS/LP.
  3. That means it exists and we have scans of it. Not everything that's up on LPCatalog is in our hands, just to be clear on that.
  4. Denver: Cinci: Boston: Salt Lake City: Chicago:
  5. Raleigh is up! Small difference, instead of 36 the mural is 30 pieces. Shinoda getting lazy
  6. Update: LPU 3 and 4 on ebay, the price is a little bit high though https://www.ebay.com/itm/Linkin-Park-Underground-CDs-3-and-4-0-Fan-Club-Only-Limited-Editions-RARE/263988697862?hash=item3d76f3db06:g:nAIAAOSw4UlbwnIy:rk:54:pf:0 Sorry for a late reply, we don't have such option at the moment but hey, check this post
  7. UPDATE: Turns out fans take part in the murals too! New York added:
  8. Only Mike draws the art and colors it (looks that way) Fans just get to see the process. Fans also take part in the process - coloring the pieces too. On other notes, Toronto is up!
  9. As some of you may know, the VIP package available at the Post Traumatic Outbreak Tour has a lot of perks, one of them being a collective mural workshop with Mike. Really cool thing to do before the show, and even cooler cause from what we know fans could ask Mike to draw something on the mural. Later fans receive a piece what is called as "vinyl cover" which really is a special material kind of sheet - the same that was used on the art walls during Post Traumatic Europe and Asia tour. Still a cool thing to have, still a piece of art Mike created! - DA -MOTH- Again, at lpcatalog we'v
  10. Yeah, I have LPU7 carabiner and it's a good quality one, lasted couple of years and i decided to change for a new one (have like 10 haha) cause the lpu7 writing disappeared on it
  11. Collectors or other friends on lpcatalog tend to check ebay every day! Really. This way we can be up to date with everything that shows up there, meaning if LPU 4.0 is for sale at buy it now option it can go fast (and by fast i mean it's online for couple of minutes/hour or so and it's gone). Or if it's an auction it can get high, sure but here's an example for the whole package: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Linkin-Park-Underground-4-0-Package/162966488593?hash=item25f18f4611:g:4yUAAOSwrLRauXAN The best advice is to be patient!
  12. SFTU #2 sounds ok. Any "old" album released through RSD sounds cool but in fact it's starting to get a bit weird i'd say. I'd rather pay more for something really limited, than $25 for RSD album that everyone has. For example What I've Done US promo aka the clear disc promo aka the mini-max promo. That's cool AF. Have you seen any of these anywhere lately? Guess not. Or HT 2CD indonesian album which has pink or black cd's. Manufacturing error you'd say but still a cool thing to have! Now ok, let's have something through RSD. HT EP Vinyl? Sure, make it limited to 1000? 1500? Sell it for $40 a p
  13. They shouldn't. Why should they? Casue "it's hard to find them?" Not really if you know where to look. Had like 5 LPU4 albums through my hands the last couple of years, seen quite alot on ebay. Thing with reissues is that once there is an album or two reissued, the "must have" value of the originals is decreasing. Like with HT on vinyl, it was such an item for many collectors until they decided to reissue it couple of times. Now it's available for like $20 or so? And the street value of the original first press HT increased BUT there is no demand in buying it for like $250-$300 (Well if yo
  14. I hate it when it comes to ebay cause there was one FM deck for silly money like 40 pounds or so :/ I so regret not getting it back then...
  15. Just in case: http://lpcatalog.com/item/shoes http://lpcatalog.com/item/decks
  16. I'm not talking about me, and you exactly know that. Things people do with stuff they own is their business, thus saying LPC is selling shit is a bit stupid. Hypothetically, if one LPL staff member is retarded, I assume I can say LPLive is? I guess not.
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