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  1. I'll just leave this here: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. As I go through comments here and there, most fans I see talk about Chester's audtion tape and demos. OF COURSE it's all about the music BUT don't forget there are people involved in this (and always have been) What I'm trying to say is, apart from the music, which all of us would like to get and listen to ASAP, I would love to get a photo album just like MTM had (the deluxe coffee table book) with comments on how it was back then (and I know they still have some cool stories to tell) etc. PHOTOS, STORIES AND MUSIC.
  3. ICQ is a no go, i just checked. 246-357-457 does not exist. Ok so I think one of the next steps (or one of the very last) would be to repair corrupted music files using defraggler (because what other purpose for it there? hah)
  4. I think we now have all current releases, Austria based on matrix codes which signify Austria. Looking for someone to scan all this stuff for LPC. Getting Boxset apple splatter and japan CD DVD scans now and Chester Spotify tomorrow so everything besides that. anyone?!
  5. Yeah we misheard it. He said BMA's and Mike starts too early with the keys! haha That's my actual question about the DSPs:
  6. tl:dw and there's the scream, kinda full but i'm not sure if one take though. Nice cover in foreign language!
  7. Like he knew from the beginning but wasn't sure if we're paying attention, he was sure when he fucked up with the HT20 tracks, now he's just trying to be funny about it MEH mr. SHAWNODA, M.E.H. 🤣
  8. 400 😐 I know he answered but I didn't get a proper answer to any part of my question. I added Meteora just to, you know, see what happens this time. I believe if people will ask about them here and then he just might take a minute and find an answer if there is anything (band members either trolled or said the truth) and if not, why, because imho there was a big potential on some songs to be remixed (remember Phoenix in LPTV? He "remixed" Numb)
  9. I'll reply with what I said on the shoutbox, I expected to get an answer about Recharged, not Reanimation. You do stuff based on things, you add another show when the 1st date has been sold out etc. thus they did Recharged based on impulse of some sort, maybe this was just an online project with remixes (this I can understand) but there was that one time where they probably (or Warner, nothing new here lol) thought hey, let's make an album of these and voila. This confirms things, but imho online releases would be enough. I think LT isn't an album that should have remixes offici
  10. Of course they are using CB photos (again). Imagine Seans or Maces face in this video, people would be like "who the hell is this guy?"
  11. Oh really? Didn't catch that in the first place. Now listened again and indeed Mike said it that he made them for for example guitar tech's. Meh. Still interesting for a guitar noob like myself though 😄
  12. Don't know if anyone noticed but check out these screens from todays Mike stream, they look interesting 🧐 Long story short, GO demo seekers. These might shine a new light to some of the songs, right? edit: meh, nothing new as Astat said, just some live stuff.
  13. Remember guys, they have asked fans for everything HT related, from ticket stubs, magazine clippings/cuttings, photos etc. to live video footage! I guess these images will be used in some sort of an art book?! and promotional posters!
  14. Imho a boxset with a record, CD and hardcover book with unreleased photos + a history would be enough! Can't wait. Based on what's currently going on, I predict the price would be somewhere around $120-$150 for a boxset. If it's not what we think it would be, a CD/DVD would be cool too. $40 All of the above are only our ideas. I really think this would be a 2LP colored record set. HT on one, demos on second.
  15. Little suggestion, I know this stuff (especially streams over 1,5hrs) takes a lot of space BUT you need to (yes you @PeppePark) to dl all the streams, save all the screenshots for future - just in case they're gone. Also if you're into this far deeper than most of us (I mean, I have so little time to work on lpcatalog, not to mention other stuff...I barely come back to any of the streams, I wish I had more time though) maybe you could gather all the answers and make a topic with Q&A: Corona Jams Sessions?
  16. That's not paint actually. These are database diagrams 🧐
  17. Question is should we add another instrumental (early version?) to the diagram or just leave it as it is? (can add any other media Rhinestone and Esaul are on) And then there is the final instrumental. I created the diagrams just like the info in linkinpedia states, but I assume these visualisations are still a work in progress until we get them right. IMHO this is a better form of showing how each song transformed over the years than the text version. There is an option to add some notes next to the diagrams as well if needed.
  18. That's just for my purposes. Here's the proper thread image:
  19. Here's the graphic diagram for better visualisation. Are we missing any other version? (besides the live of course)
  20. Making this thread pages even bigger rotfl 1. I have purchased my first copy of LiT in Switzerland in 2004 (good times) and believe it or not it stuck with me for a long time. Besides everything that you guys are saying here about choosing this one for a DVD, the worst thing imho was cutting some songs off the CD (then throwing the cut-outs on LPU CD wtf? Some would say it was obvious cash grab, easiest way possible since they already had stuff recorded and mixed) and of course censoring the whole thing like just Rate it and get over with fucks and shits here and there, no big deal
  21. I watched until 1am my time, too tired to sit in front of my pc. Still don't know how much i missed though...
  22. Any of you guys familiar with The Witcher Game? And that it's based on a book by Sapkowski who was stupid enough to decline an offer from game developers which stated that he will be paid a percentage off copies sold worldwide. He declined that and wanted 35 000 zlotys -> about 7K USD. Yes, he thoguht the game won't be a hit. Also he was greedy. Well, they signed an agreement on basically his terms. Guess what 🤣 The game was a huge success, sequels are a massive success til today and guess what again, he was bitching he got not enough money! Hhahaha that's right folks, agreement was on his
  23. Yeah, I asked Ken to take a look and voila! We have some blanks filled Thanks @Tourpooch !
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