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  1. We planned but with a no go from Warner we couldn't. We will post the info with a tracklist thanks to Astat on our page sometime next week. On a side note, how is a regular exclusive release a "premature leak" How is any release 17 years after the album date a "leak"? Rhetorical question, don't answer... Same coincidence MJ dies when LPL is active Your fault guys! Remember when you asked me about them and I replied that it's not our rip? It's still not our rip no matter how hard you try to throw LPC under the bus. And you have tried couple of times now Good luck next ti
  2. That was, well, not the best performance I would say. And Kiiaras boots? Like what was she thinking? Hahaha edit: now when I'm playing it again it sounds quite good. My bad. But them heels are still too high though
  3. "One Moron" is saved for his solo album!
  4. So probably rehearsing for the video shoot? too early for the tour rehearsals i think
  5. Or they are rehearsing for a series of promo appearances just like they did before at Third Encore: AOL, Walmart etc.
  6. What Geki said! Or maybe she's just for the nanana's and very far backing vocals? hah
  7. Actually first two on the main post are not Runaway Turned out they're By Myself, thus title crossed out.
  8. Choo Choo!! Get your tickets people, the train is leaving in few mins! hahah *awaits some new promos*
  9. It probably is, oh well There is a chance that LP could play at the new Stadion Śląski in Chorzów. Official deadline for workers at the site is set on 15.06.2017. The official opening is planned few days later. Although some officials already said that they are currently talking with 3 top artists, one of them is Metallica who is most probable band to play there. Source
  10. So it began...looking forward to the next years announcements
  11. Sure, when I find some time this week. I think there are 3-4 tracks where changes are noticeable but will listen to the rest of the songs again.
  12. Because the person we got it from asked politely not to share the information of the origin, remove the owner's name and not share anything from the CD in the near future. And as much as we would like to share everyting, we have to respect that. If we didn't, good luck getting anything else in the future (whether it's just an interesting info about something or another promo) And sure, I get it that some of you might be pissed about it but hey, this is how it works today. This is a thread called "The Unreleased Songs" and as far as I know any info about any particular song is welcomed, cor
  13. As for the Castle Of Glass (Linkin Park Remix) I can confirm that we (lpcatalog) have it but unfortunately can't release it at this time. And yes, it is on the LPTV ep here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=157&v=BhBvk7tKncI Here's the comparison, the shorter is LP Remix And indeed, this is an early version of M. Shinoda Remix found on Recharged album. HINT: if anyone has any watermarked promo, check it because I didn't notice anything different at first (couple months ago) and just found out few days ago while checking something else on the CD lol So yeah, look f
  14. I believe this was deliberate action from Joe to start the hype train choo! choo!
  15. Maybe the PA sign is an error and not the censored stuff? Anyone thought about that?
  16. FM Acoustic 3:51 FM Album Version 3:38 Rebellion Album version 3:44 Hah that's my photo from FB edit: got an info that we can't share FM Acoustic with you guys. Have to respect that. Sorry
  17. The promo CD i just got has the date 1.13.2015 on it so they probably did this way before the actual online release. Also 99% sure it was recorded at a proper studio. What's funny is that the burn date on the cd is 1995 so it was made in a rush
  18. No one cared about that hahaha we were overexcited to even notice We still don't care. Any filename idea? Brennan can change them lol
  19. THIS is something cool to have but not for that price Still would be awesome to obtain anything what could lead to setlists from 2000.
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