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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Is this why I still haven't received my shipping notification even though I ordered mine way back on August 14? **UPDATE**: Disregard this reply, please. I got the notification.
  3. Yes, I know about the Bobby Benish story and the ...No Sun Today remaster being blocked, but their music was still on Youtube and many different mp3 sites and their CDs were sold all over eBay, Amazon and Discogs (including the CD-R copies that Mace made like I said and showed proof of) until Sean decided to push this Amends "lost music" narrative. He hated Warner for blocking Wake Me and ...No Sun Today only to turn around and do that himself. Grey Daze even uploaded both albums in full to their Youtube channel in 2017 only to suddenly take them down when they decided to change their own narrative in order to promote Amends. He even blocked other previous uploads of both albums on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XhMr6bfbO4 <- This used to be a link to the ...No Sun Today version of Sometimes uploaded way back in 2006 and it was the most viewed Grey Daze song on Youtube for over a decade, but Sean copyright claimed and blocked it.
  4. https://twitter.com/astatslpvids/status/1300272287694946309 Astat only posted the second half of my argument with Sean though. It started with me replying to fan on Facebook asking Grey Daze if they were going to re-release Wake Me and ...No Sun Today and I told them that Sean blocked sales of them by dishonestly calling fakes when they're not, because he's a douchebag, and that's when Sean basically replied to me with "No, YOU"RE a douchebag!" and I called him out for lying about Warner and claiming they forced Chester to wipe Grey Daze's music from the internet when he first joined Linkin Park, which we all know is not true, because their music all over the internet at the time (I also pointed out how the few fake copies were actually made by Mace Beyers and I posted a link to this Amazon page to prove it https://www.amazon.com/Grey-Daze-Today-Chesters-Linkin/dp/B006YYJGNI,) but Sean had no real argument, so he just kept doubling down and insulting me. It was pretty funny.
  5. Yes, that's the group I'm talking about.
  6. LMAO I was the guy Sean was arguing with. I couldn't stop laughing over how pathetic his responses were. He acted like an edgy 16 year old and just called me a "dumb fuck" over and over again. He didn't even bother addressing my points about him dishonestly claiming the Wake Me and ...No Sun Today copies to be fakes and blocking sales of them, or how he flat out lied about telling Chester's fans to "shut the fuck up", denying his own fucking words, similar to that of his hero Donald Trump. I took screenshots of the conversation so he wouldn't get away with his dickhead comments without them being exposed, because I knew he would likely delete them or block me, which he since has. I posted them in the LPLive Facebook group and they kept it up with the comments disabled for a while, but they eventually deleted it, which I understand. It was pretty fun while it lasted though. Good times.
  7. I'm not a fan of Five Finger Death Punch or their authoritarian bootlicker politics, but I'll give this an honest listen when it comes out.
  8. Just a few years ago, I would've been absolutely ecstatic over the concept of Grey Daze reuniting or even being recognized in the mainstream music media. Their first two albums are criminally underrated grunge masterpieces and some of the best work in Chester Bennington's career. In fact, I was ecstatic when they announced they were reuniting in June 2017. I remember at the time, I was really frustrated with how little recognition Chester's grunge era was getting and how music elitists were making fun of him for being a "nu-metal boy band singer" and a "sellout" after One More Light came out (an album which I admit I wasn't a fan of at the time, obviously Chester's death changed my perspective of it) and I thought he would get more respect from rock critics if they found out he used to be in a grunge band before joining Linkin Park, but Sean Dowdell and his friends (no pun intended) have done everything in every way possible to ruin my excitement and destroy every last shred of respect I had for Grey Daze. I used to compare them to the likes of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, but now I know what a bunch of greedy fucking pricks they are, which is the exact opposite of what grunge bands stood for. I won't even bother listening to this fucking album. After all the bullshit Sean has pulled in the past year or so (blocking sales of Wake Me & ...No Sun Today copies by falsely claiming them to be fakes, bringing in some of the most toxic members of Chester's family who were largely responsible for his childhood being so fucked up for that garbage "mini-documentary", sucking up to Samantha and giving her at least half the profits of this album after he previously ranted in his book and on Twitter about how horrible she was and how much Chester hated her, recruiting a guy who called Chester a "coward" just barely after the news of his death came out to perform on this "tribute" album, and Sean's absolutely disgusting comment about Morei Sky recently), I just can't bring myself to even give this trainwreck shitshow the time of day. It just angers me and breaks my heart that this was the way that Chester's pre-Linkin Park career has ended up being presented to new listeners. Again, Grey Daze have done everything possible to ruin Chester's legacy with all this bullshit that I can fucking guarantee they wouldn't have even tried to pull if he was alive. I won't begrudge anybody for listening to or buying Amends, but I can't do it. Sean Dowdell is a dickhead and has done more than enough damage to my favorite singer's legacy at this point.
  9. Just wanted to chime in and say that reading these and other Grey Daze threads here makes me feel less alone over how this whole new album rubs me the wrong way. I was excited when Chester announced they were reuniting before he died and even continued to support Sean's future efforts with Grey Daze until I looked into it more in recent weeks. There's no way I can look at this in any way other than as a blatant cash in. Sean is without question exploiting Chester's death for money, flat out lying about the facts in interviews, and shamefully using Chester as a shield from any criticism or disagreement with "he would've wanted this or that, so don't you dare question me!" bullshit. I really, really regret buying Tattooed Millionaire after learning about all of the bullshit he's been pulling. Also, the fact that they are working with that bitch Samantha now that she has won 50% of his estate (which she actually deserved 0% of considering she left him broke and suicidal after she divorced him in 2005) really pisses me off. Sean himself said that Chester hated her and that she couldn't be trusted, and now Sean is kissing her ass? What a fucking two-faced prick. I completely agree with everything Astat has said about this here and on Twitter. It also puzzles me as to why they would recruit a guy who called Chester a "coward" the day he died to perform on a so-called "tribute" album. I know Head apologized afterwards, but that's still no excuse for the stupid shit he said or any of the ignorant assholes who defended him in the comment sections on Facebook. I love Korn and I love Jonathan Davis, but Head can fuck off. All I can say to finish this off is that I'm fucking glad I bought my Grey Daze CD's way back in 2014 before this mess started. Back then, I thought Grey Daze was criminally underrated and was so frustrated that so few people had heard of them, but now I'm distancing myself from them altogether. I still love the first two Grey Daze albums and obviously I will always love Chester Bennington and the rest of his discography, but Sean Dowdell and his lapdogs can fuck right off.
  10. Scott Stapp is a really down-to-earth and decent person who's really matured a lot since the 1990's. Regardless of what you think of his music, he doesn't deserve all the relentless hate he's been getting. It's long past time to hop off that bandwagon.
  11. I've recently been looking for copies of the Urban Network's Rapology compilations that include Xero tracks on them (Vol. 12, 13, and 14). I've searched eBay, Amazon, and Discogs, but nothing has turned up. I can't even find the other Rapology compilations either. Given how old the series is now, is there any possibility of finding any copies?
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