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  1. I mean, who knows? They're already in the studio and have got a whole year until next October. For all we know, at least there's a 20% of the record already established. They could easily tour South America in November or Decemeber of next year.
  2. I highly doubt it was ever asthma, he said he needs to give his 100% to sing in this way.
  3. It did sound strange. But completely fucking awesome nonetheless. Damn, it's No Roads Left!!!
  4. The second No Roads Left was on the setlist, everyone came rushing for a video, lol. Damn, excited.
  5. What is the video for Blackout from?
  6. I loved ATS when it came out and still do. Granted, for about a month ATS was the only thing on repeat all the time. Now whenever I have a 45 minute ride on the bus it's what I listen. Damn, what a great set of songs. They proved everyone wrong with this album. Simply a masterpiece.
  7. Who knows, maybe it's a remix of an old song. Oh well, one can dream...
  8. Well, for a fact there's the What I've Done multitracks, I guess it's possible to do this.
  9. Adding to the H! Vltg3 sample, Frgt/10 also used a sample, which I used to have but now don't even remember the name of the original artist, something to do with cars.
  10. To be brutally honest, Mike is a one-man band.
  11. Yes, I'm also pushing for 2013.
  12. I read several times over the forums that only a 1000 were produced, and one for sure I've seen broken.
  13. I mashed the intro and New Divide together, since I didn't like the one from the link I heard. Here it is:
  14. The HT logos are just logos, the 3 ATS signs are the letters A, T and S.
  15. When will we hear about what LPU11 will contain?
  16. I want LP to add a touch of preachiness to their songs. Not like Rise Against, which I love, but a personal touch, like the one in Wretches & Kings or The Catalyst. Those are excellent songs which portray a really noble message while not being preachy.
  17. Wait, I thought Hit the Floor was the last one in, I read it here in another fact, lol.
  18. Epic random shit, but epic nonetheless. I like it.
  19. LP and Rise Against on the same bill? I wish I lived in the US!
  20. It angers me that restraints regarding these made them come out 3 months after the shows, while others had them within a week... I'm eager to hear the Argentina one anyway.
  21. I couldn't tell, but around 20,000 people at least. The exit out of the stadium was fucking insane.
  22. The first part before the solo in BITS would be a little boring for me live but then it would be fucking BEASTLY to sing along to it.
  23. To note, LP first came to Argentina this October, and arriving at 3:50 I had to walk past 2 blocks and a half of people just on the line. Thank God I run like a deer running from a fucking lion once I got through the security check. It just depends on what you do mostly.
  24. For a good pit spot I was at the venue at 3:50 with the first support band playing at 6:30, and I was 5 rows of people away from the stage. I recommend pit all the way if you're bulky enough and ready to take on a beating. It fills you with adrenaline being there trying to stand your ground.
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