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  1. I will hear each song like 2465691001 times Happy birthday, you're fucking awesome!
  2. Dexter

    A Special Day

    Happy birthday Nkramar! Thanks for everything!
  3. 1) With You: You can't tell me the turntablism of Hahn here isn't motherfucking awesome. The best song I heard in my life, I can really connect to it in all kinds of ways. Love it. 2) Faint: Again, this song is another one that represents Linkin Park, mostly as being a rap/rock band. The verses, awesome. The chorus, awesome. Another song I can relate to. If With You didn't exist, this'd be my favourite. 3) Valentine's Day: Again, another song I can REALLY relate to, awesome lyrics and at the end the burst of guitars and the 'On a Valentine's Day' leaves me a great impression of what Linkin Park can do.
  4. But that's the problem, on the back cover, all the names are written in Capital Linkin Park font. :?
  5. Um... totally out of context, what's YOUR spelling for Reanimation names? Like for example, '1Stp Klosr' or '1stp Klosr'.
  6. I don't dislike any of the songs they're playing right now, but as many here have said, I'd like Linkin Park to play other songs instead of just singles. I'd really like to see back 'With You' or 'Figure .09'. Those songs were awesome. Other than that, I think their sets are alright.
  7. Yes, it's Paul McCoy. And also called 'Wake Me Up Inside', the fake name. It does seem like Mike singing in the chorus and the other bit of the song, but it isn't him. Very difficult for that to be Mike, huh? (2:38)
  8. Linkin Park - around 350 (Live too) Fort Minor (And a few JayZ songs) - 50/60 Some Linkin Park videos (Around 12) and the rest is The Rasmus {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif I got 612 mb left ^^
  9. Yes, they were. The was a link with a package of Drum, Bass and Vocal/Drum or sth like that.
  10. (">>In The End<<":3i7sszd5) I'd like to get most of those intrumentals... where i can find some of them ? He made another topic with a link, so I suggest you use that one {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6346 ... fc829ae729
  11. I'd love to see a Somewhere I Belong beatapella, KRWLNG acapella, and SESSION Acapella xD Seems a pretty good list.
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