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  1. Seems they'll go all What I've Done again and shoot it outside rather than inside...
  2. "Only in September, it will come on the market. In den Warner-Music -Büros in der Speicherstadt hatte Berliant handverlesene Kollegen aus ganz Europa zum exklusiven Reinhören gebeten. In the Warner Music offices in the warehouse district Berliant had colleagues from across Europe invited to the exclusive preview handpicked." September has been thrown around a lot now, let's hope it's the new album's release month, which actually seems plausible, since they are almost done with everything.
  3. A press conference to announce the album by now sounds right, now regarding the album and the tour dates, I'm fairly positive that they'll drop a single mid September and the album in mid October, just in time to begin touring...
  4. I quite like this remix! Looking forward to the 14th!
  5. I'm also going to try and abstain myself from hearing any clip from the new album, and will listen to it the day it comes out...
  6. I may very well turn out to be true - they're closing in to the final stages of the album production, doing test mixes and preparing the artwork aswell as the album name. Let's just hope that the album will be out by October or November.
  7. If I recall correctly it was only Linkin Park Downloadable Tracks that they prohibited, but not default ones.
  8. Mike said that they were doing mixes and thinking of an album title.
  9. Where'd you get the full Pushing Me Away acapella?
  10. It must be big if they're hyping it this much.
  11. I'm guessing an instrument signed by them...
  12. I can assure you guys the prize is NOT a xero tape. It's something less common then that. It doesn't have music on it, but it's not something just floating around on eBay [and we'd probably kill you if you won it and tried to sell it ]. Excited yet? By Derek on LPA... what could it possibly be then if it isn't music?
  13. Dexter

    LPL goes YouToob

    Indeed! Dave was jumping all around!
  14. Would this make 15 out of the 17 tracks originally intented to be on MTM?
  15. I'm really hoping for LOATR and TLTGYA to be Mike sung, that'll be motherfucking epic, as well as Faint's demo, YES!
  16. Yep. Lyrics, anyone know them yet?
  17. Is there anything these guys CAN NOT do?
  18. Let Down in studio version is MOTHER-FUCKING-AWESOME
  19. I just heard it in full, and I have to say it really is an awesome song, really Chester like in my opinion
  20. You put Hit The Floor twice Meteora Faint Numb Somewhere I Belong Lying From You Foreword/Don't Stay From The Inside Figure .09 Session Hit The Floor Breaking The Habit Nobody's Listening Easier To Run
  21. I would love With You brought back as an opener fading into the No More Sorrow intro
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