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  1. As much as you and I have personally learned about the music industry over the past few years, I am shocked you actually think the band tells their management and booking agent "Oh yeah, let's hit some cities we don't go to a lot." The band probably doesn't even have any idea where they are even going. "Mad props" to the band? Because they made up a quote from Chester lol? Please. Only props should be going to their booking agent who routed the tour and got it booked up. With that being said, it certainly is cool to see the band go to these cities again. Nashville 2008 was one of the best
  2. I don't think the venue opened in 2007. And it is not the home of the Buccanneers. It is home to the Yankees in Spring Training. Very underwhelming first show last night. Not impressed with much even though Chester definitely having personal/physical issues during show.
  3. I've been a fan of Linkin Park since I heard Lying From You on 99x in Atlanta every hour in the Spring of 2004. That song is still my favorite to this day and Meteora is my favorite Linkin Park album. I have seen the band many times all over the USA and consider myself a well-versed and respected fan in the Linkin Park community. Although I haven't been an absolute huge fan of an entire album of theirs since Meteora, LP has still brought the jams and are one of the best alternative rock bands of our generation. With that said, I still don't feel like they ever reach their true potentia
  4. Pretty positive they've opened for Metallica in recent years but last time they opened for anyone in the states was Tool at the California festival in 2009. Zero question LP plays last every night on this tour.
  5. By far, the worst I've ever heard Chester. Where is the ferocity? The track would be wicked if he was screaming at the end of the chorus but he sounds horrible. The jam during Rahim verse is great. And it's great they have found heavy guitars again but this proves that just because the song is built around a guitar and fast drums, it isn't Necessairily gonna be good. I see no reason to bring a collaborator on this song. I don't care how "legendary" they are, Shinoda should do that part. Not sure on a final opinion. It's headed in a direction I think I'll like but for Christs sake I hop
  6. I see me a good 2-3x in this video. Einziger was definitely a last minute deal. I watched the whole soundcheck. I'm not sure he had even heard What I've Done before the rehearsal. He is nasty, though. Shinoda demanding Castle of Glass being played 9x or something with the Heart girls just proved how much of a disaster it was. Sounds terrible in this video, sounded terrible each time they rehearsed, and sounded terrible during the show. You can tell Shinoda is like "Thank God this is over" right after the song is played. This is definitely one of the more interesting shows I have seen
  7. I was privileged to once again make my second trip to the western United States in less than six months for personal vacation/jam time and to see to Linkin Park at two unique shows in their neck of the woods. I first saw Linkin Park on Projekt Revolution 2007 and have seen them close to 20x since then. Ever since 2004, they have been one of - if not – my favorite band. The operation of the band, in the studio and on stage, has changed throughout the years, as it does with any performing group. While some shows I have seen throughout the years have been better than others, there is no dou
  8. Was wondering if anyone has a good quality version of Faint from Webster Hall? Mark sent me one earlier but it was like 83kps. The outro from this version is great. Thanks.
  9. LOL @ all of you saying no way Honda Civic Tour is possible.
  10. Both Bristow & Uncasville are indeed make up dates but are part of the Honda Civic Tour.
  11. Extremely! Very impressive by Pooch. Very cool I was in room while part of this was being mixed! 84 different mics on stage/in crowd... Pooch has a heck of a job.
  12. NICE! We were in the fucking room with Pooch when he was mixing this shit! That is awesome! Can't wait to see the mike.flag pic, that's our flag!
  13. Here is the first video I took from the Sunrise soundcheck we got to see, tons more coming tonight. This video is basically Mike's speech once all the contest winners came in. We (Mark, Mary Ann, I) were actually the first people in when Joe and Shinoda were on stage just fuckin' around with Savio speech and tons of Wretches samples. AWESOME material.
  14. Hey guys. Sorry about the video being set to private. We are uploading it to Mark's account right now at a mall in downtown Tampa. Should be up soon. Also, please know that if we/I say something in a little video we are doing for fun that you don't like or agree, don't get all worked up about it. Just because someone likes/dislikes something doesn't mean it's truth. Opinions are like bellybuttons.... everyone has one. Just enjoy some entertainment! We're having a BLAST on this trip and its coming along really smooth. Really looking forward to a solid, solid show tonight at the St. Pete T
  15. LOL I've been so hidden from the forums I'm now described with as a "friend." Hilarious.