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  1. nice one not sure about castle of glass though, sounds a bit like "give me your name" by DBS and i didn't like that song ^^
  2. Everyone vote for the Reanimation songs =D
  3. lol not a lot of noises. as long as it doesn't all sound like "the messenger" that should be okay xD
  4. yeah you're right mark, sry I didn't go to either show, last year I was in Italy at that time and now I can't go to the festival because I have my last school leaving examinations on wednesday so that was kind of top priority.. despite that, I was asking some friends who went to the festival about helping me out with the setlist and they all said they would watch the other bands at that time. it seems like I am the only one left in my circle of friends who likes LP. All the others stopped being a fan at MTM resp. after the second concert in graz i guess when they saw only minor crowd inter
  5. sooo. a friend just called me from the Nova Rock, he said he is watching the LP concert somewhere from the back because he was on his way to the other stage and stopped. he was actually too drunk to tell me what they were playing but he told me they started about 45min ago and I heard the end of "Breaking the Habit" and the beginning of "The Catalyst" quite clearly in the background you know what that means..
  6. FUUUUUUUUUUUU, LP at the Novarock festival and I have my school leaving final examinations on the friday before and the monday after the novarock weekend! :( :angry: :angry:
  7. honestly, I think pendulum is kickass live. as much I am a huge LP fan I have to admit that pendulum is live better than Linkin Park (I have seen both multiple times)
  8. 26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet would be awesome no, seriously they could try qwerty
  9. WTF KATY PERRY!?!? Haha, maybe she joins them and they do "Robot Boy" together or something.
  10. i found some amazing footage from the linz show on youtube check out too bad i couldn't come..
  11. Hey guys, The documentary about A Thousand Suns really got me thinking. Especially at the end when it seems like they were forced to release the album and chester talks about not letting the label and producers (he calls it 3rd party opinions) influence the sound of LP in the future. But what about now? Does this mean that A Thousand Suns is just a constrained commercial release? Could be. The Making of seems to me like a Distress Call from LP. What's your opinion? Let me know! marth
  12. I don't like it at all...the chorus sounds too much like anastacia to be honest. Let's see how it sounds in the context of the whole album..
  13. Thanks Mark..I think this is more important than linkin park being on the soundtracks of some future games...I mean one can always play the music of LP while playing some games... As I said, I think it is pretty arguable, I don't make LP responsible for this but this nevertheless let me doubt the straightforwardness of some songs... (it reminds me a bit of the one time I saw a mtv-documentation about linkin park where chester and the others say "none of us smokes, that is totally disgusting and we would never do that" even though it is commonly known that chester smokes - as seen in the ma
  14. I don't know how to think about this... I mean it's clear that this is a money related partnership that mainly warner and EA is responsible for. Generally I wouldn't be concerned about such relationships, but isn't it a bit ambivalent that they support a game in which American Warfare is being celebrated and on the other hand release critical songs with political meaning concerning the grievance of the war related-moral? (eg. Hands Held High, or presumably Jornada del Muerto)
  15. I think the whole discussion should not be measured with loyalty or "belief in the superiority of the bands musical attitude". I liked the stems and the last preview very much but to be honest, I think the new preview sounds a little cheap. I mean you guys are right, it IS too early to judge, but I really hope that there will not be a fiasco like the one that happened with Chris Cornell a few years ago. (his grunge/rock music went from this to ) I don't want to bitch around, but I think this is a very interesting discussion..