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  1. You serious people? He said summer, highly likely we won't get it til very end of June, first days of July
  2. If it weren't for Mike she wouldn't even fucking exist, she owes him her career.
  3. This should be fucking good. Will it feature any tracks with Tak on it?
  4. http://www.lpassociation.com/gallery/d/366...ocksoundLPA.jpg
  5. Xero's verses, Part Of Me's verses, High Voltage's verses (though it was a B-Side) And One's end verse. Hell, even fucking Crawling's "Raindrops" bridge. "Take you to the depths of the bottom of the well" HOT DAMN Warner fucking made them, despite Mike (and/or the band) denying so. ATS is the band saying fuck you to all that, doing whatever they want to do, not what they're expected to.
  6. You're twisting the definition to fit the "pop" standards, as in catchy tunes and all that shit. Hybrid Theory is as fucking pop as it gets, defined in its own genre of music. I mean, have you seen the change in lyrics from the earlier versions to the final ones? Esaúl "From planetary signs, rising over the horizon, smaller than a flystand" "A thoroughbred, thoroughly bled, and led to the land where they never come back" "And the killing of the killer with a flick of the wrist" Exemplar verses. A Place for My Head "It makes me think of how you act to me, yo
  7. Holy shiznit. GIVE ME SOME GOOD INFO YO
  8. So what do you think Linkin Park should be making? What do you consider evolution?
  9. I think it's already been clearly stablished that they don't give a fuck about album sales, that they're putting out whatever they want to.
  10. The thing is Rob can't show off too much, he has to keep in rhythm with the song's structure. If they built an upbea, heavy song around drums you'd be amazed at what Rob could pull off.
  11. Cruel Daze of Summer As the rain falls down I see you burning through I can feel my legs are shaking What'd you say, what'd you say, what'd you say? Is there something wrong? You don't need me anymore like I need do? Don't tell me what you're running from or what you've done This cruel daze of summer burns so hot The vows we've made are under attack I can feel myself pushing back Don't tell me what you're running from or what you've done While this ... strikes unknown my love I can feel my heart is breaking What'd you say, what'd you say, what'd you say? Is there somet
  12. Palm Springs Reset I feel it in my face (The sun is in your smile) There is no second place (We're leaving here tonight) I'm writing down these games (We're making our worth while) If I'm coming undone, will you pray for me? And if I'm crawling alone, will you, cradle me? And if you stumble upon the truth, will you stay with me? And if we happen to find our youth, will it set us free? The pleasure fades away If I'm walking alone, will you walk with me? If I'm burning myself in you, will you uncover me? And if you happen to hear my call,
  13. Dude, this is completely possible. just FUCK YEAH
  14. Hardly Breathe is a remix by Hydroponikz. It isn't official, but you should check out his other songs.
  15. Dexter

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Blue is fucking dreadful. Thank God it never even made Hybrid Theory recording process stuff. [slip] In the center of the silence, Finally thoughts are going through The thick smoke of flickering lights That blind the room All the things that you wanted to say Get lost and thrown away You can maybe hesitate to speak your mind Can't turn back when you crossed the line Sometimes it's someone you know who just doesn't care Has to see you go to know you were there This is the (??) of the rain Even then sometimes I feel I can't stand another minute (??) But I nev
  16. Dexter

    LPU 11 Launched!

  17. Finally I found it again after remembering it. Frgt/10 samples Basil Poledouris's Porsche Power/Drive My Car? song. http://muzofon.com/search/Basil%20Poledouris%20Porsche
  18. No more live shit, god, give me some fucking B-Sides
  19. Show me at least an example of where you believe you have heard anything remotely similar to When They Come For Me.
  20. I've never seen a single rock band creating mind blowing shit like When They Come For Me, have you?
  21. Several posts stating how they've been working with the album for quite some time on, while on the road and on the studio. I'd say end 2012 is quite the possibility for the new album.
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