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  1. I can haz cookie now? >_> I like the prize a lot. It probably has the best mixing I have heard in a long time for an official show release. Also, it doesn't entirely surprise me that Wisdom Justice and Love was included in the download, since the issue wasn't about releasing the track, but getting additional money for another recording of the track.
  2. The audio is just distorted due to the crappy quality of the camera the person is using.
  3. Figured since I was posting my entry everywhere else I would post it here too. http://nemosensei.deviantart.com/#/d3i7syp Enjoy^_^
  4. Die Antwoord and Anberlin is an interesting mix to tour with XD
  5. Your Username:Jay_Sensei Username of Your Nominee: Hawk Which prize should they receive: iPod Touch Reason for nomination: he has been a good friend on the LPL/LPA boards. And I think he is just an all out awesome user.
  6. I guess i voted, but i forgot what i voted for O_o. I would definitely have to say that the song i really dislike on Out of Ashes is Crawl Back In. I liked it at first, but then it got pretty old, and I lost interest. On the issue of Give Me Your Name - I actually enjoy this song, and not embarrassed to admit it. I like the fact that it has a lighter tone to it, and doesn't talk about the troubles he is going (or went) through. I kinda understand why Chester won't perform it live. Since its a song dedicated to his wife, and it would probably take away from the show if he did perform it l
  7. hmm, i guess this post did have some importance huh?
  8. from Mike Shinoda's Twitter http://twitter.com/m_shinoda/status/19093737473 http://twitter.com/m_shinoda/status/19094007335 Could mean we have more or less than 12 tracks . . Thoughts?
  9. unfortunately the majority of the time you HAVE to buy the physical copy online since a lot of singles are Import only. It doesnt bother me too much, as long as i know i can get a physical copy of the single along with a special edition copy of A Thousand Suns
  10. Hmmm, i really dont see Chester singing this song. . . idk, you guys might think otherwise though here is the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKbPUzhWeeI
  11. WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO THAT ELEPHANT TO MAKE CHESTER BLUE AND ORANGE O_O haha jk. It looks like its gonna be an amusing video
  12. well, from what we have seen last week, i think its safe to say its a single, since the leaked info said the first single off of the new album was going to be released August 2nd
  13. way to post something i already posted before you