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  1. The guitar kind of does, doesn't it?
  2. This was an awesome awesome setlist. I don't know how you picked up on that...but I like it.
  3. It is growing on me after hearing that one. But I wish the lyrics were better.
  4. I was very underwhelmed by that clip. It sounds lazy to me. But I'll wait to hear the whole thing. I uploaded the clip to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/johnathan-blake-1/wastelands-snippet
  6. Definitely MTM. As a recent article labeled it, it is their "secret classic."
  7. A source he can't name? We all know that would be Adam.
  8. Derek is stupid. Rumors of any kind boost hype and interest. Make a damn rumor section is you want to cover yourself. The kind of community dialogue it brings is great. It sounds like Derek just set himself up to say, "It looks like it is real. We wanted to be sure before we posted it."
  9. Once I was at a autograph booth for Three Days Grace and a staff member was wearing a shirt with signatures from hundreds of artists. My brother asked who the biggest jerk she ever met was. She said without a doubt it was Jared Leto.
  10. They've been my favorite band since OSC debuted on MTV like 13-14 years ago.
  11. Skipees. I totally agree with your suspicions. I can see a LPxSA collab for the movie. I remember them saying they were writing more than one song. We've only heard one. But they wrote more than one. There was a DC101 interview where at the begin she asks Mike and Steve what they were doing and they said working on a beat. Obviously is was new since ALTNC was already out. And recharged was already done. So there are a lot of possibilities, but I can definitely see it happening.
  12. Yes but if Reanimation is to be counted as an album, then this is the 7th. HT, ME, RE, MTM, ATS, LT, 7th. Btw, I wasn't criticizing the use of the word "7th", I actually just thought Mike considered it the 7th.
  13. They always count Reanimation for some reason.
  14. I bet you the next album won't come out until the 2nd half of 2014.
  15. Kanye West and a few others have both interviewed and played in the same show.
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