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  1. We don't know that it *never* happened, just that it didn't happen there over OSC.
  2. Ha...that's what I was saying. Maybe they were jetlagged.
  3. Ha, remember the Q&A quiz game they did with the band members? I wouldn't ask Mike or Pheonix.
  4. I can definitely see those 3 being singles. My suspicion was that Castle of Glass would be single #2, but maybe it'll be LITE.
  5. I feel like I'll Be Gone is single material, but to me it sounds more like a DBS song than a LP song.
  6. You can watch it without the account by selecting standard quality.
  7. I think this was intentional. My retail version of ATS came in a sleeve, not a jewel case.
  8. I must have missed this, what was the album title he hated?
  9. I think we're partly to blame for the overhyping of victimized. I never choose favorite Linkin Park songs because they're all my favorite except The Crapalyst, but I'm really into I'll Be Gone right now on this album. Lost In The Echo: makes me want to scream "MORTAL KOMBAT!"
  10. I think "Lies, Greed, Misery" is much better than Piledriver or Breaking Point.
  11. Dropping crawling wouldn't be horrible. I wish they would rotate rare songs in some slot.
  12. It's on the net too. Links are, that is.
  13. I'm not really hearing the Meteora/HT influences, but I definitely hear some MTM sounds.
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