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  1. We don't know that it *never* happened, just that it didn't happen there over OSC.
  2. Ha...that's what I was saying. Maybe they were jetlagged.
  3. Ha, remember the Q&A quiz game they did with the band members? I wouldn't ask Mike or Pheonix.
  4. I can definitely see those 3 being singles. My suspicion was that Castle of Glass would be single #2, but maybe it'll be LITE.
  5. I feel like I'll Be Gone is single material, but to me it sounds more like a DBS song than a LP song.
  6. You can watch it without the account by selecting standard quality.
  7. I think this was intentional. My retail version of ATS came in a sleeve, not a jewel case.
  8. I must have missed this, what was the album title he hated?
  9. I think we're partly to blame for the overhyping of victimized. I never choose favorite Linkin Park songs because they're all my favorite except The Crapalyst, but I'm really into I'll Be Gone right now on this album. Lost In The Echo: makes me want to scream "MORTAL KOMBAT!"
  10. I think "Lies, Greed, Misery" is much better than Piledriver or Breaking Point.
  11. Dropping crawling wouldn't be horrible. I wish they would rotate rare songs in some slot.
  12. Someone definitely screwed up.
  13. It's on the net too. Links are, that is.
  14. I'm not really hearing the Meteora/HT influences, but I definitely hear some MTM sounds.
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