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  1. Hey guys, As LP news has been a bit slow due to no touring and the effort being put into the new LP album, which we currently do not know much about, we have added a new section. This new section is titled "World News" and holds political, funny, ironic, and absurd news from all around the world. If you get bored or need some entertainment, check out this section. Also, if you have any news of your own, don't hesitate to add.
  2. Hey Guys! About a year ago Mike Shinoda had a lengthy, 2 part, interview with x96. This happened during the arena tour with Coheed & Cambria. During this interview Mike Shinoda discusses some things about touring as well as the 17 second scream Chester contributes to Given Up. One of the key things about this interview is how Mike Shinoda recognizes the risk that LP took when doing to album, while taken into consideration the weight of the fan's opinions. Mike elaborates on the process of experimenting and allowing for careful procedures in making the album. You can get the in
  3. That would really depend whether you are watching it or listening to it. If you are watching it would be a tie between the first 4 songs. If you are listening it would be the last 3.
  4. Trent is awesome. I respect that a lot. P.S. LP doesn't need to take note, they do enough for the fans
  5. I think that Numb is their most popular single from Meteora. I've heard it on commercials, and seen the video more times than any other. Most of the kids at my school know them by numb and in the end. What do you guys think?
  6. I am really hoping that play at rock am ring because Ill be in germany studying abroad for my college. No Roads Left would be amazing.
  7. I think it would be a great ender because 1) its differnet, and 2) it would be an amazing end if it had terrific vocals
  8. Glad it works, I have a copy of it too that I received a longggg time ago, its a really good CD to own.
  9. Good one, i really am into that one. It would take a lot out of the band tho...
  10. Cool man, thanks for the news. I have been busy with college so I haven't been on much but thanks a lot for letting us know!
  11. Due to actions brought forth by former LPLive members, we have been force to start a brand new forum. Not to worry, everything is coming together again and LPLive 4.0 will be up soon.
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