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  1. I'll be there. This will be my 3rd time seeing Linkin Park, all three times at this venue.
  2. It has been released in some countries on iTunes. Look for it in yours at midnight.
  3. This was a fantastic show. My favorite moments were Mike's solo (with HHH), BID, and BIO. Those were some of the best performances I've seen in years.
  4. Anyone else hearing "you" instead of "it" slipped away in the final chorus? EDIT: LOL @ Castle's lyrics write up
  5. We don't know a promo CD was made for this single yet.
  6. I don't know. Do you think radio stations are still getting CD's? It seems more likely they have access to MP3 downloads. But also, it was self-tagged. A straight rip from a radio promo would have been pre-tagged.
  7. FYI, It was self-tagged and encoded with LAME3.98. So, unless someone had just a disc with this single on it, which I find highly unlikely, they have the entire album. Leak soon.
  8. You posted this in the wrong section. This is the "got news?" section for members to share with others information they have found to be newsworthy.
  9. No, it does not seem like a good time to bump that. That was stupid.
  10. Linkin Park has teamed up with Urgency Network to send someone to space. The whole idea is to donate to charity for your chance to win a trip to space. This is the article: "I've often dreamt of flying a rocket ship into space—as I'm sure we all have—and always get stuck on one thing: What's your spaceflight mixtape going to be? My most recent vote has been for Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog," which would just crush as you raced out of the atmosphere strapped to a massive tube of explosive material. But I'm just some guy on the internet, and no one cares about my musical suggestions. What
  11. Honestly, I think they might get a nomination. People don't currently think Rock when they think Grammy for Album of the Year, but I always remember Arcade Fire a few years back! With what they've done, and the reactions they've got, I think they might deserve it.
  12. Last night Daron was trending on Facebook for his feature in this song. Cool stuff!
  13. Earlier today, LPL users reported that Rebellion was #1 on iTunes. I missed that, but can tell you that it is currently at #3. This would be the highest selling single of a heavy rock song I've ever seen. I thought I'd share! My thoughts: if this song continues to do better than the first 3, they are going to have to make it an official single. Which means we'll be hearing it live, and possibly with Daron at some point. It can be found along with the rest of The Hunting Party on iTunes here.
  14. Final Masquerade cover was accurate. So, maybe they all are?
  15. I was "meh" about Living Things, sorry LIVING THINGS, and kinda-mostly excited about A Thousand Suns, but I'm as pumped for The Hunting Party as I was for Minutes To Midnight. Can't wait!
  16. From what I read, Final Masquerade will be a single.
  17. Easily the best track released so far.
  18. I really really want to see them perform sometime with Rakim, maybe here?
  19. It's out on US itunes. #11 right now. Was #10 a bit ago.