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  1. I don't see why it wouldn't be accessible in other countries. Assuming that it is, it should be 7am your time.
  2. I just looked and saw the same thing. Cool! It isn't a repeat, either, because all the guests are different with the exception of LP.
  3. The bars in the chorus are the same length it seems.
  4. I'm sure many do. Put it in the shoutbox too.
  5. I don't know if they'll make Powerless an official single since it is already getting promotion through AL:VH. But I definitely think CoG deserves single treatment.
  6. I don't ever remember him saying he didn't meet Eminem. Source would be good..
  7. I still really love Rock in Rio.
  8. I've agreed with you up until now...you've let me down. MTM is my favorite LP album.
  9. Better than ATS, yes...MTM...no.
  10. I saw this before, and I hope there is more to it. This 17 minute video is great but feels incomplete. Hopefully this is just a trailer or something.
  11. I guess to just highlight the idea that Eminem was allegedly there. But, this is true, Eminem IS a member of D12.
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