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11.08.12 - Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube Live

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For a band that is always talking about moving forward, they sure do play a lot of "old" songs. I like the setl for the most part, but I wish it had more LT in it.

It seems they want to make their shows a lot more energetic (pyrotechnics, heavy mashups to step up the pace) and one way to do that is to play older songs (which are definitely heavier than their new music)


We'll see more LT songs making their appearance on the set as the tour goes on..

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So I think its safe to say now that the current selists give the epic sets of 2003/2004 a run for their money if not surpassing them. I honestly think that this could shape up to be one of LP's best tour ever. Everything that they are doing is fucking amazing.

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Lying from You/Papercut medley would be better, if there would be a new transition or stuff like that. LP made so many cool intros, outros and transitions, so keep it up guys, please. :)


Edit: This "desk lamp camera" which shows Joe at the backscreen is also a cool new gadget! B)

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I will never understand wtf is wrong with some people lol

unless you were at the show you can't bitch. Best LP show I have seen since 2009. DESTROYED the crap I saw last year.

Crowd went insane. Pit ROCKING. OSC with pyro everywhere DAMN. Epic setlist. Place rocking.

Mashup is god damn awesome how can you bitch?? Wtf people come on. Mega changes here.


New setlist in Uncasville!!!


This set is amazing. So good.


Mike vocals over end of Numb were great.

Such a solid show. Production rules. Everyone I've talked with is MEGA surprised and very pleased.

I COMPLETELY agree with you here. I was on the front row of the pit. It was the best LP concert I've ever been to by far. I think the set list was amazing, it meshed together very well even if it doesn't make sense in concept.


These were some photos I took last night.. nothing spectacular, but some turned out ok.




Also got some of Bleed It Out / Sabotage. I just bought the camera yesterday, so I was busy trying to figure it out during the show, sorry I didn't get the entire song, but you can definitely see pyro at the end.


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I think on the write up it says mike let the fans sing the first verse of bleed it out and then restarted cuz they weren't loud enough....thats incorrect...


Actually Brad and mike didn't lock up on what part of the intro they were on so when the fans started singing...brad had not gone thru the whole intro so if mike had continued it would of messed up the entire song. Thats why he restarted.


the production was amazing. The visuals for victimized were great. I wish I was going to see the show again later in the tour cuz it would of been even tighter. Sux i have to miss the lpu summit! im sure that will prolly be the best show of the tour

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The show was pure excellence.


Plus, the BLEED IT OUT first verse wasn't messed up. Everyone is the crowd just started singing it right away, so after we pretty much finished singing, Mike took over and re-did it himself.


Anyways, here is what I walked away from the show with:


-Mutemath guitar pick.

-Linkin Park guitar pick, the Mike one.

-Linkin Park drum stick, from Chester, after he finished killing the drums on 'When They Come For Me'.

-A 'sweaty Shinoda towel' that Mike rubbed all over his face threw right at me.


Posted Image



It was an incredible experience. First LP show, and it definitely won't be my last.

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