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  1. The show was epic, everything went off without a hitch. I think that was my favorite setlist they've ever performed. So glad we got 6 tracks from Living Things!
  2. Just from watching these videos I can imagine it will be hard to catch ones breath at these shows. You can't slow down for a second until the Somewhere I Belong intro lol.
  3. Fantastic, was having trouble finding it. I loved A Thousand Suns and it's shows but I think the Living Things tour is really going to take the cake.
  4. Hooooooooly shit, dat Waiting for the End intro. God damn I am so excited for 2012 Tour. Houston show can't come fast enough.
  5. Jeez. I hope they don't tease us and make us wait too long for a DSP. I GOTSTA have this set.
  6. Those LPU fuckers are so fast. I missed the pre-sale on the 23rd by two hours! But I was able to get my tickets during the Living Things pre-sale, Section 107, Row J. NO ONE ELSE has tickets yet?! Maybe that'll increase my meet & greet chances.
  7. Yep. That's it guys. New single in two weeks. Fucking awesome. Not even gonna bother considering this to be a rumor.
  8. Yeah, my bad skipping that track. >.< Was pretty late when I wrote it up. It's been fixed now.
  9. Digital downloads for pre-orders of "The Raid: Redemption" soundtrack are going out now! Tracklist: 1. "Prayers" - 1:44 2. "Gear Up" - 3:58 3. "The Arrival" - 1:55 4. "We Have Company" - 4:51 5. "We're Alone Here" - 1:45 6. "Quaking Old F**k" - 00:47 7. "Hole Drop" - 04:22 8. "Moving Up, Part 1" - 06:19 9. "Moving Up, Part 2" - 03:09 10. "Trapped" - 02:27 11. "Close Shave" - 02:32 12. "One Way Out" - 01:49 13. "Machete Standoff" - 04:37 14. "Rama's Family Dream" - 01:15 15. "Chair Slam" - 01:17 16. "Dirty Cop" - 01:02 17. "Jaka Caught" - 00:32 18. "Dog Fight" - 02:56 19. "Uncle Andi" - 02:28 20. "Dead Already" - 01:01 21. "Drug Lab" - 03:45 22. "Andi Strung Up" - 02:34 23. "Putting a Mad Dog Down" - 07:05 24. "Misfire" - 02:20 25. "RAZORS.OUT" (Chino Morino) - 04:34 26. "SUICIDE MUSIC" (Get Busy Committee) - 3:44
  10. For the moment it seems the only place to purchase is on TheRaidSoundtrack.com but I'm sure after the release it will be made available at other outlets. Might not have a widespread release though.
  11. Is it sad that the second yay for me when this was posted, after YAY NEW MUSIC was YAY NEW LPTV! I like the tour stuff but the videos of them all in the studio together are the best.
  12. Holy shit! They're shooting the video already? Oh boy oh boy oh boy. May/June album release for sure.
  13. I can't vouch for Blink or Incubus, but the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album was great. You just can't listen to the terribly mastered CD, Rick Rubin trashed it. The vinyl sounds fantastic however, and if you were ever a RHCP fan to begin with you can't argue that Brendan's Death Song isn't one of the greatest tracks they've produced.
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