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Saw this on Mike's blog and LPA:


"The finish line of the LINKIN PARK SCAVENGER HUNT is finally upon us.


I’ll be calling in to BBC’s Zane Lowe, to talk about the end of the puzzle, the journey on which it has taken us, and premiering a brand new track from LIVING THINGS. Check in with me on Twitter for updates and other info.


But keep in mind: we’ve still got a surprise or two up our sleeve.


Stay tuned."

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for those who want to know, Zane Lowe's show is on BBC radio 1, 7-9pm GMT.


and LPA's sourcing Zane as saying it'll be around 7.30pm


the bbc site allows web streaming of the radio broadcast too, (in the black "on Air" bar at the top of the site) so you can listen live even if you can't pick up the radio frequency where you are - at least, I know that uk fans can, this may vary for other countries...



EDIT: and I know this may be jumping the gun a bit, but...

the scavenger hunt ending in the uk

rumours of uk dates to come

promises of "a surprise or two"


UK dates? ;)

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UK dates wouldn't surprise me one bit.


Aren't the Share 2 Win people who shared a whole fuckton getting a new song on Friday?


inb4 it's the same song that Mike premiers with Zane Lowe


that shit's going to be on the internet exactly twelve minutes after it broadcasts

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So how many songs we can get between Tomorrow and Friday?

Probably just one. The song they give away for the Share2Earn program will likely be the same one that gets premiered tomorrow (in full quality, as opposed to radio quality, which is always more compressed, plus we'd have to rip it from an online stream to get it).

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Wouldn't that make the whole scanenger hunt pointless? haha. I'm actually dissapointed it's "just" a new song, I was expecting something different.

Eh, sort of. But the real point of the scavenger hunt was Living Things promotion. So at the end of the day, it leads to a new song premier that we get an mp3 of soon after, and spreads word about the album, so not totally "pointless."

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I'm really looking forward to the new track :)


Mike's tweet:


A new @linkinpark song will be premiered today by @zanelowe. Tune in if you like big beats, shouting, & electronic noise.

I went back to this thread and I wonder if the new song will be Lies, Greed, and Misery.


Can't wait to see!


Edit: Looking again it could be Lost in the Echo too.

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I was wondering why this topic was closed in the Got News? forum earlier.


Anyway I'm putting my money on Lost in the Echo. But Lies Greed Misery could be it, too.


I hope it's Lost in the Echo, though. They mentioned that track before any other one, and I feel like it might end up being a single.

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@m_shinoda Just landed in Lisbon, getting ready to call @ZaneLowe about #LinkinParkScangerHunt Tune in to @BBCR1


Also to hear the new song, ONE LP fan has a password protected USB drive that will self erase if the fan types in the password incorrectly, or tries to hack it.


Looks like LP is going Bond style in the last clue in the UK. :P

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Looks like 20 British fans are hanging out at the studio. And that the password for the USB was entered successfully.


Rumor is that the song will play at half past the hour, but personally I'm just going to have this station on in the background. :)

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