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  1. I don't see how purchasing $150-200 equipment is a big deal. Especially between so many people. The quality of the content justifies the expense IMO.
  2. Just a suggestion... But with so many people who are wanting a high quality copy of this - why don't we put together a fund to have a good HDMI to PC capture device bought and sent to Hahninator's place (if he is okay with that)? I know I'd happily drop $50 into that fund... so I can't imagine it would take long to get the money needed.
  3. Which is why I said a petition in and of itself wouldn't be enough. It will need to be a fairly coordinated activity and I feel we would need to provide good examples of how it can work.
  4. So Pooch just tweeted within the hour that if we want DSPs, we need to organise a campaign and let the band know. He says "if enough people ask for it, they will do it." I would love to start a petition, but I think a petition in and of itself is pretty meaningless... we need to give the band concrete examples about how the process can and should work. I think we can all agree that in the last few years, the DSPs have barely been promoted/advertised. I have a couple of suggestions that I think would increase the sales of DSPs, I would love for others to chime in with some ideas too: - Revert to the old process of selling blank CD-Rs with codes for the DSPs at shows. People spend ridiculous amounts on band merch at shows, and the opportunity to own a recording of the show they just witnessed for $10 is an absolute bargain. I did always find the inclusion of a CD-R fairly pointless since more often than not, the entire show would not fit on a CD-R in the audio CD format. Perhaps, to reflect the length of the shows and the increasing shift towards digital technology, maybe the band could sell LP-branded USB drives at the shows which include a code to download the DSP for that evening? - Much like many of the ticketing sites try to sell physical and digital copies of the band's albums with ticket purchases, perhaps the DSP can be offered as an upgrade at this point in the sales process? That way, they have an opportunity to explain what the DSP is and hopefully encourage sales at this early stage of the process. - I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain Metallica advertise via their Facebook page when a new show DSP is available to download. With LP having over 62m fans, surely a timed post (per city) promoting each DSP would result in additional sales? I'm happy to escalate this... but I'd appreciate further opinions and ideas before doing so.
  5. This was #17 before on the Aussie iTunes charts. I'm surprised to see both this and Wastelands climbing so high so quickly... GATS and UIG barely scratched the top 60. Wastelands is currently hovering between 47-60, so it did drop fairly quickly. Hopefully enough time in the top 50 to guarantee a spot on the official weekly chart.
  6. "Keys" and "Nothing" don't seen legit to me. As for the others, I seriously doubt Spotify would have fan-made covers in their system... so looks like we may be hearing those other two tracks soon after all. Here's hoping for the iTunes countdown. Definitely makes sense. If someone can go to iTunes and purchase the tracks, it makes sense to make them available on Spotify as well. Do these new two, plus Wastelands line up with the three that had their track lengths added to iTunes originally?
  7. It's the same old story LP can and never will win with most of the fan base. It's a shame because I think what they've put together for this setlist is one of the most interesting things they've done. Just needs a little more practice on the road and some fine tuning and it'll be awesome.
  8. I enjoyed the set. The audio wasn't fantastic on the stream which lessened the impact for me. Brad was also way off. But overall, love the addition of medleys personally. Only element I could have done without was the chorus of Crawling. Seemed pointless to me. Rest of it was epic. COG and the Hip Hop Medley 2.0 are winners.
  9. Lose the snarky attitude mate. If you actually read what I said before jumping on the opportunity to be a smart ass, you'd see that I said "within hours". Absolutely nowhere did I say I was expecting a rip now.
  10. It's fairly common for bands of this age to combine songs into a medley. BTW, am I the only one sitting here thinking "oh I really hope Mike threw enough copies of that CD into the crowd so we have a rip online in the next few hours"?
  11. Why are the abbreviated songs suddenly such a shock? They played the same set not more than one week ago and played abbreviated songs at the iheartradio performance ages ago.
  12. Hmmm, have you not heard Recharged? That version of COG is welcome in the setlist any day for me.
  13. Woah. What's with all the 30STM hate? They put on incredible live shows. And I can understand why people perceive Jared to be a "douche", but the guy is an actor. Do any of you truly believe the guy we see on TV and on stage is the real Jared? Highly recommend the haters watch the documentary 'Artifact'. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  14. Downloaded the AXS app with my US iTunes account. Copied it across to my iPhone, now playing perfectly. Just heard WFTE now onto BTH.
  15. Sean mentioned on IG that they played a new song? Could he be referring to ALTNC?
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