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21.06.2011 - Hamburg, Germany - LPU Summit #4

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Linkin Park returns to Hamburg, Germany on the 21st at the O2 World to host their fourth LPU Summit. The band last played Hamburg last fall on October 29 at the same venue, so for a history of LP in Hamburg, refer to my preshow post for that show here. An interesting fact about this city is that the 2010 show was the second-to-last show in Germany on that tour, and this show is the same. LP returns to München on the 25th for their last Projekt Revolution show of the year. This is the last arena tour out of two on this tour - the first coming in Stockholm earlier in the tour.


At the last show in Oberursel, LP surprised us by playing their B13 set again instead of their C7 set. It seems now that the band has played three different sets on this tour, they might be rotating randomly. However, it's possible that the Hamburg show will see something special. At the first LPU Summit in London last year (show page here), Linkin Park debuted a brand new setlist. At the second one in Sydney (show page here), they played a set for the second time ever (remember 'Blackout', 'Burning In The Skies', and ....

) and at the third one in Chicago (show page here) they debuted a brand new one as well. So what will Hamburg bring? A new setlist? C7 again? Will they randomly drop in a song like 'With You'? What is important to note again is that the band seems on FIRE right now live with a LOT of energy on stage. They are communicating with the crowd more and playing a bit better live than they have earlier on this touring cycle, so any set you get right now is a great (even if you've been to every show on this tour) considering how well they are playing on stage!


Here's a video from the last show in Oberursel where Mike surprised the fans by rapping verse 1 of 'Reading My Eyes' over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out', followed by a Rob drum solo and then the good ole 'A Place For My Head' mashup. Unfortunately the video ends before the APFMH part kicks in but this could possibly be the best 'Bleed It Out' mashup yet! If anyone has a full video, post a comment with it.



At previous LPU Summits, LP has performed several songs acoustically beforehand. In London, Mike and Chester performed 'Leave Out All The Rest' acoustic, and then Chester did 'The Messenger' acoustic. In Sydney, Mike and Chester did 'The Little Things Give You Away' and Chester did 'The Messenger' again. Chicago didn't have acoustic songs, but we hope Hamburg will! What songs would you like to hear LP play acoustically at the Summit? For videos of these great performances the Q&A sessions the band does with them, check out YouTube.com.


The Summit begins now in Hamburg, as there is a meet-up for games and fun the night before the Summit. Adam will be there so be sure and say hey to him! For a full list of Summit activities, click here.


Who is going to Hamburg and the Summit? Who's attending the games the day before? Remember, if you are going to this show to check out the LPLive Meet & Greet!


The rest of the 2011 tour dates can be found here, as well as show pages, setlists and more from other shows this year. LP takes a day off before playing the Transformers 3 Premiere in Moscow, Russia (stay tuned for possible webcast information) on the 23rd and then heads back to Germany on the 25th.


EDIT: LPLive has snuck into the group picture of the LPU'ers on day one of the Summit! Check it out here.


Phoenix LPU Chat Summary here. (Thanks MikeShinodaClan.com!)


Acoustic Setlist:

01. Rollin' In The Deep (Adele Cover)

02. The Messenger


Thanks to Thomas aka BlackChester for the live updates.



01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. Empty Spaces

07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow

09. Jornada del Muerto

10. Waiting For The End

11. Burning In The Skies

12. Numb

13. The Radiance (Live Version)

14. Breaking The Habit

15. Fallout

16. The Catalyst

17. Crawling

18. Faint

19. One Step Closer


20. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

21. Iridescent

22. Blackout

23. New Divide

24. In The End

25. Bleed It Out (w/ Reading My Eyes, drum solo, & A Place For My Head)

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Yeah, Hamburg is always awesome :) Great venue, people and crowds. I'll be at the summit and the show and can't wait to meet all the amazing (LPL-) people again. Mike (=Spike) and I will be arriving at the venue at around 11am and I'm sure there'll be tons of users who will be able to tweet the setlist.

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I will go only to the Summit, because I don´t get a Ticket for a Person in a Wheelchair.

I look forward to see they again (M&G in Leipzig) and of course all of you ^^

3 Hours drive to Hamburg Tuesday from 6 am.

Dude that is hardcore. Wow. Maybe you can ask the venue when you get there if they can help you? It'd be a shame if you missed the show :(

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Dude that is hardcore. Wow. Maybe you can ask the venue when you get there if they can help you? It'd be a shame if you missed the show :(

Your right, but I saw they in Leipzig and I´m happy to get one of the last Summit Passes on last Wednesday.

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I'll be attending the Summit and the show, as well. I'm not sure, whether I'll be able to meet you guys at the LPL-Meeting-thing, but I'll sure try so!


I'm hoping for some acoustic stuff and something special, whether it'd be With You or anything else we haven't seen/heard in a while. But I know it's gonna be an amazing concert anyway =)

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First of all, i had everything for the summit Posted Image i was invited and ready to go! When i got the to train station to take the 40min train to hamburg i fell off the stairs because some idiot forgot to put a sign up that says wet stairs ... so i broke my ankle and had to go to the hospital Posted Image best day in my life ruined in less than a couple seconds Posted Image i nearly cried at the ambulance car because i could not be there tonight Posted Image



The Chat with PHX was fun! Mike came in, as well as Joe and Mike again with some of the LPUers who won the backstage tour with him, Mark fiore and Adam from the LPUHQ were there as well! He answered some questions about the summit and that he is excited to play in asia later this year! All in all it was not that much talking - also he had some internet connection problems so you could see him moving and talking but you could not hear him at all ... he stayed for about 15-25mins and answered a lot of question (most of them were crap)

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Hamburg will get the setlist from Leipzig. That was a great set and will make everyone really happy tonight. XD


EDIT Forgot to mention, LPfan1989, who posted here that she couldn't get a ticket, because she's in a wheelchair, was personally invited by Mike to attend the show! That was sooo nice of him!

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