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  1. In the "Did You Know?" section there's an "article" about LP being joined by different acts for OSC - after you just posted that news story that Eminem and D12 might have never actually joined the band you might want to take that out of the DYK thingy as well.
  2. Yes, probably the Festival-situation strongened that effect, but yeah… Of course Numb is one of those songs everybody knows and everybody rocks to.
  3. I do get your point, but I kinda have to settle with PEZ on this one. I remember an interview of Chester saying he didn't want to do the same thing over and over again and if he didn't stop screaming now he would never do so (which, yeah, to a certain point is a little ridiculous because he should be able to stop screaming at anytime, but I get his point). Couple of things to remind here: As Mike once said, there are like literally millions of people liking LP on Facebook, and also quite a lot (I don't know any numbers and to be honest, I don't care about 'em because that's not the point) people, who own their music. Now, of those already only a very small percentage ever gets to see the band live in concert. Again, I don't count and I'm not gonna, but let's just look at one concert and you'll get my point: There are like 5,000 people watching this band per concert (of which maybe 100 have been to a concert of the same tour before and probably 3,000-4,900 to a concert of Linkin Park in general). Of those 5,000 on a special day such as a Summit there may be like 200-300 LPU members, who I would consider pretty hardcore fans. Otherwise it's probably only a good hundred of hardcore LP fans. Furthermore maybe 1,000 people, nay, let's even pretend it were 2,000 to make the numbers easier, know the song Qwerty or Reading My Eyes or Across The Line or…, so for Linkin Park, as a very popular band it is commercially and also for at least half of the people watching, probably even a majority, nonsense to play songs like that. Yes, With You or Figure.09 (which I both, as well as Qwerty and RMY and ACTL and… would LOVE to see live because I never got the chance to in LPs early days) are known by more people, but I alone know a ton of people, who were at the Hamburg concert after the Summit and knew One Step Closer and In The End off of Hybrid Theory. They knew Faint, Numb and the other more popular songs of Meteora, but Minutes Midnight and A Thousand Suns in their entireties - guess what, the fan base you mentioned, which makes concerts with stages huge like LP plays them possible, unfortunately comes from MTM and ATS. It's sad, but it's reality. Also, it's usual for artists that they don't want to play the same stuff all over again and again, I can tell, and probably everyone who makes music him/herself understands that, too. Plus, heavier songs like Wretches and Kings and Blackout… how often did you see them played lately? Exactly, hardly at all. Songs like Given Up, Faint and No More Sorrow are songs, which carry the set, which are likely to have been heard by the crowd and to rocked to by the crowd, but which are other screaming songs do they play (except that Chaz has started to do screams in What I've Done and The Catalyst, for example, which shows that he still COULD but apparently doesn't WANT to)? Songs like the one's mentioned above are awesome, but only make sense to be played at something like an LPUTour (which would be hard to realize, too… Do you organize one concert in every region or country of the world? Because there are lots of members all around the world but sure not enough to do a complete world tour…) But so what? Did you ever not enjoy a Linkin Park concert? Have you ever had a similar fan-near experience with any other even slightly as popular band? I haven't, and I love it the way it is. Plus, would you really like another Hybrid Theory? Would you really stick with a band that does the same stuff over and over again? I wouldn't and I almost literally love almost every style and genre of music, so I'm open to new stuff LP does and I'm looking forward to it! I'm not saying you're not a real fan or anything if you do not agree, that's bullsh*t - a real fan states his true opinion. Of course, my arguments kinda lead to the thought of LP being sell-outs, but seriously… The music they create is nothing like the pop-dance crap we get from Lady Gaga and all of the pop-artists! LP doesn't need stories, they don't need the press, they just create music, do their thing with Music for Relief and that's it. You like or you don't, that's fine. And that's what I love about this band! P.S. Thinking about it… It's kind of a circle: Having Warner on their side -> certain restrictions -> chance to become very popular -> a lot of album sells -> huge stages -> money -> seems like their sellouts, when doing new stuff, which is different, but can only become really popular again having Warner on their side -> … If we want to play all around the world on huge stages with huge crowds, well… that's what selling out means, in a way, because they simply can't play stuff like Qwerty regularly then. And by the way, we don't know for sure, whether Chester or whomever is responsible for not playing those songs either way. Gosh, that was a long post. I'm sorry!
  4. Too bad they cut our/your flag of in the LPU*TV, too Nice episode, though. It really seemed they were gonna play Qwerty. I would have gone like insane… But anyway, Summit and concerts were awesome either way.
  5. I wouldn't at all consider it to be the same cover, to be honest. It's like two completely different version of the song. This one's way closer to the original, but far from Chaz and Mike did, in my opinion. You can't compare a Piano-version with this acoustic-almost-complete-cover, I would say Plus, I'm missing the high notes "You're gonna wish you, never had met me…" here. Entirely different, I'm saying
  6. The first LP played, too? I don't know, I just did some research via Wikipedia (, which you shouldn't be too believable in, but it for the most part does a good job).
  7. Good question, but no idea, sorry… All it says there is, that it's from the first show of the Summer Sanitarium Tour - which in 2003 would have been Donnington, UK for the Download Festival of that year. But that's just an educated guess. It also says in the comments, that LPLive somehow found that video, so maybe one of the guys knows some more…?
  8. Found a video after reading through this thread yesterday… It was (at least it said so) the first performance of Figure.09 - Mike called it "Figure Nine". I was used to calling it "Figure Oh Nine", just as you did, but… OK (Wait a minute, video link will be up!) Here you go:
  9. Those are part of the ATS artwork (I suppose). At least they are included in the artwork, on the skateboard and on the limited edition of ATS (that one with the green/red cover). Oh, and video's amazing! I always loved LPs Intros to shows!
  10. Pushing Me Away The Little Things Give You Away (tough one, but TLTGYA is just awesome in its complexity and completeness in terms of sound!) One Step Closer Across The Line (Srsly?) No More Sorrow When They Come For Me Crawling New Divide Leave Out All The Rest Lying From You Blackout With You Forgotten Breaking The Habit Don't Stay The Catalyst Eventually I had to look at it, as if those were the only LP songs I was ever allowed to listen to, starting the moment I vote, so it's become a mixture out of the different LP-styles, I guess. It was tough either way.
  11. Mine (Size S ftw… somehow!) shipped a couple days ago. At least the EMail said it did. Maybe it arrives right before I leave for vacation on Friday
  12. I have to say, even though I do not feel the same because I didn't know LP that we'll back in the early 2000's, I get how and why you feel like that. I respect and understand it.Maybe you overreacted a bit, maybe you just didn't find the right words, point in case, I guess you were misunderstood. Either way, I admire you for sticking to your opinion, 'cause I sometimes like to be like that, too, plus you probably have a point. Most inportantly I believe you're a true fan, the most true, if there is such a thing. You fell in love with this band, you liked what they did, and now you're not completely happy with how the band's developed in some parts - and instead of being what most people might consider to be a true fan, which would be saying the music is awesome, but not feeling like that, you do the right thing. You say what you think, still loving the band! I like that. A lot actually.
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