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Favorite show...ever?


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What's your favorite LP show ever, and why?


I'd say Mountain View 04 for me because of the sick setlist and the epic changes in the encore. I mean, the Japan 06 shows come close...Atlanta 07 is close...


I bet Music For Relief 05 would be a great show if we ever got to see it......

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We get it. LP doesn't like Sweden.


It's one of the world's greatest atrocities. Everyone should boo them the next time they play Sweden, right? Oh, wait. They'll just cancel the show instead.


(See? I saved you a joke.)





Personal favorites (among my most played recordings:


Tokyo 10/25/2003

Mountain View 04

Camden 08

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I would have to say the first time I saw LP, at Summer Sanitarium 2003, the San Francisco, CA show.


I honestly wasn't that into Linkin Park before that show. I thought they were good, but I wasn't there to see them.


They won me over completely, because of two things, the crowd interaction, and that they said that women had as much right as men to be in the pit and not get groped. I have been to a lot of shows, and not one band before that or since has ever said that. It really made me appreciate and respect them.

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Well....I really love the Summer Sonic shows a lot. They might just be my favorite. I also love Berlin 2007.


Also, if someone could please hook me up with the Summer Sonic shows or Berlin 2007 it would be much appreciated. I lost a lot of my older shows when my old computer crashed. I have the HQ songs from Summer Sonic but I want the full bootlegs that I used to have...

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Mahnchester, UK November 03- Favorite set.

Rock AM Ring 04- One of the greatest shows the band has ever performed.

Somerset PR04- Very good band performance and best recording of PR04

Mountain View 04- A.06 and first time SCOM was played since 01

West Palm Beach 07- Favorite Projekt Rev. 07 show

Madison Sq. Garden 08- Legendary show w/ an incredible performance of "In Between," "My December", "Numb / Encore," and "Jigga What / Faint."

Hannover 08- First show APFMH was played at in a few years, incredible set list and lots of new goodies.

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London Astoria 3/5/07 and the Road To Revolution gig were absolutely amazing but the best show I've seen was one that i didn't even attend... Rock Am Ring 04.


That on a dvd instead of Live In Texas- which is still awesome- would have been better!


On hearing rave reviews of the Mountain View gig, and after checking out the setlist, I'm gonna go find it. Thanx guys!



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03.12.2003 New York City, NY, Roseland Ballroom, LP Underground Tour


it was a small intimate show, and that place was PACKED air tight. there are no words to describe the energy of that crowd. i havent been to a show like that since, and i doubt i ever will

I wish I could have went to a show on the LPU tour. :(


It sucks because I started getting heavily into LP around late 2004 and then we all had to wait like three years to see them live since they only played Live 8 and a music for relief show, as well as the Japan shows.

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