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  1. Combalex

    A Reminder

    Look at you guys go! Well done, lets hope people stick with this ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY !!!!
  2. The perks for ordering over at lp.com is some serious cool stuff. I will be getting the cd+dvd because there is no way i can spend that much money for a deluxe edition. Although i will be getting a t-shirt as well while i'm at it.
  3. I would think we should get one, as they seem to have a show in denmark, and most of the time that shows a spin around scandinavia. And spring 2011 seems unlikely, as they probably are off to the states or something like that. And playing at a festival as their first show, usually not something they would do, first an arena show THEN a festival show the following year. But that's just what i think.
  4. Given up seems like the typical song they will keep, as it is a great crowd song. I just want Blackbirds, She couldn't, Place for my head, With you on the setlist, everything else, fine with me.
  5. I'm sure it is, i don't live there or study it's history, so i'm sorry if i meant to say otherwise. As i have been saying now, Copenhagen is in the center for several countries, as germany, sweden and norway. So i'm just thinking it's a smart spot to have the show at. As i have met people from all of these countries when i saw Rammstein last year in Copenhagen, when they playing in Forum. If they really need to play at a stadium, then go ahead by all means. Oh and @DogFan, i don't know how you got it as you did, but i never meant it as Denmark would not sell out. They most likely will, and i don't really care which country sells the best. Still, Malmö is a good spot, and so is Gothenburg, stockholm is not the only place to play a big show in Sweden anymore.
  6. That is really getting old, and who are you again?
  7. I would like to say something about the shows without you just making comments about Hultsfred being canceled, i accepted it long ago, so it would be nice if you would just let it go. I'm just saying, Copenhagen is where they will have alot of other fans from multiple countries, most of the big bands like Rammstein and Metallica play there as well, it is the center of music for Denmark. And either way, they will most likely play in Sweden, this is not some fun short tour that pretty much stays in Germany/UK. This is an album promotion tour, and they seem to have their way around scandinavia during all the album tours so far, excluding the fact that they have only played here once.
  8. I have to say this, but are the promoters retarded? I mean honestly. This is not a festival, why the hell are they not announcing a show in Copenhagen? That is the source of multiple country fans. Holy shit. Better see another date for denmark IN COPENHAGEN and/or Malmö.
  9. It's a great song, i would love to see it live as well. But it is not album(MTM) worthy, but then again, so wasn't In Between either, imo.
  10. Feels very good to read this piece of news, thanks lplive and BlackChester for the early version of the news! It feels like this will be the total album promotion tour. I doubt they will only do 1-2 songs for these shows, as the dates and venues does make sense with an album out already, though it could be very close to the release, maybe a month before the tour the album will be out. And having the dates streched out all the way to November, i'm pretty sure this will be all Europe this year, as this is just germany, then we have the UK, scandinavia etc. Either way, it's great to see some movement, album news should be rolling in during the summer then, hopefully.
  11. I really hope that the guys in the band will be OK and continue playing without Paul, but if they wanna quit i'm sure us fans will respect that. Slipknot has been one of my favorite bands for years, been listening to them since VOL3. I saw them for the first time almost a year ago now, it just really sucks that this is happening.
  12. So when exactly is the festival suppose to take place?
  13. So AWESOME, can't wait for this game.
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