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  1. I'll be there. I'm only doing two shows this tour. Bristow and Camden are shows 24 and 25
  2. Ticket prices for this tour are insane. I'll be there. Won my tickets from radio 104.5
  3. Projekt revolution 2002 in philly. Seems like a lifetime ago
  4. when linkin park is onstage 5 feet in front of me, i couldnt give a shit less if they rotate thier setlists. all this talk about giving the band notes or harassing them online is kind of weird
  5. +1. it was amazing to be there, seeing it performed a couple feet in front of me
  6. i have some huge complaints about how this show was organized. some of us waited LONG hours in line only to be let in to discover...best buy employees were let in WAY before us. the front of the pit was already full by the time i got in there and i was like the 3rd person in line. these people werent even linkin park fans. FUCK that. i ended up against the gate anyway after about 3 minutes into the show. wretches and kings was the highlight of the show for me. actually, the highlight would be chester coming down into the pit, calling my name, grabbing my hand and asking me "how the FUCK have you been man?!"
  7. dude my girlfriend drinks smirnoff. i drink wild turkey and beer. thats a mans drink
  8. if you want to drink beer outside pour it into a canada dry ginger ale bottle.
  9. im not going to watch how i word things just because you might be too dumb to differentiate fact from opinion.
  10. its pissing me off that people are assuming those of us who dont like the clips are still stuck on hybrid theory. eat me.
  11. obviously i love lp, but these clips are horrible.
  12. ive heard it. i love it. i dont like this though
  13. go buy: http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-Linkin-Park-Skate...=item1c154ccb56
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