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Ladies and gentlemen, our shirts are finally ready to be ordered! Thanks to Thomas Claesen's (aka "Overkill") excellent design work, the staff has finally settled on two designs to be printed. View them below at this link:




All information on how to order them is included above. I know the process is a BIT odd in terms of setting up payment, etc but I did a lot of research about PayPal and all beforehand and I think this is the best way not only to make sure everyone gets their shirt on time but the most personable way as well. If anyone is familiar with "This One Is On Us", the Nine Inch Nails fan community's DVD project, you'll understand me here. They took massive orders for their DVDs before they even began printing them and something happened with PayPal, causing their whole PayPal account to be shut down, freezing all of the money! Anyway, I want to avoid any problems with anyone (especially with PayPal) and I want to do this as efficiently as possible so this is what the staff decided on!


We will give ONE week starting tomorrow (19th) for you to email us and order the shirts before we begin printing them. This is to guarantee that anyone that wants one for the 2011 "A Thousand Suns" North American Tour will get one IN TIME for the shows. There's only about a month until the tour kicks off so we're in a bit of a rush. Later on in the tour, probably in late February, I'll do a SECOND order for anyone that missed this one and so on. Thanks guys! I'm handling the entire thing myself and I'm shipping each shirt individually to everyone that orders via FedEx, so I am giving you my personal guarantee that you'll get your shirt in time for the shows!


Let's hear your feedback on the designs! Like it, don't like it, think it's ok...you're going to order one, maybe later, you're not going to order one...what do you think?


If there are any questions, ask below and I'll respond to them. USD, Euros, pounds, anything works. PayPal converts it all one way or another so we'll get it taken care of!

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I would like the blue one with the design from the white one (excuse me...grey one) ;D


I'm with you I love the design for the grey one but would rather see that on the blue shirt. Also kinda bummed shirt sizes only go up to XL, I personally wear XXL because I like my shirts a little loose especially if im going to an LP concert, it really reduces heat from moving around so much.

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I am making more staff shirts Serg, I'll be sending an email out about that within a few days. Batch 1 was done so quickly because the Germans needed them for the shows there, which turned out to be really successful for us. Batch 2 is coming soon as well, I've already confirmed the design with the guy that's printing these 2 designs so everything is set. I'll get that email out soon.


Sizes larger than XL will cost a bit more. I'm not sure exactly how much more but maybe $2 more or something if that's ok with you guys. If that's fine, then send us an email and state what size you want and I'll get back with you on the exact pricing!


Hope this helps!


And as far as the thing of "There is nothing without LP", that is a quote from Mike that we thought was cool for fans so we decided to put it on a shirt. I love the hands and the quote isn't the coolest thing a member of LP has ever said but I do like it.

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