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  1. Has anyone Amazon UK order dispatched yet? Getting nervous!
  2. Interestingly if you search the product code from here https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Hybrid-Theory-20th-Anniversary-Super-Deluxe-Box-Set/6NPG0000000 (0093624893240) On amazon, the box set does come up at that cheaper price, not sure what significance that has
  3. Hoping the amazon link is the super deluxe! but I doubt it, are the other links websites that charge on dispatch? Might be worth having a back up somewhere
  4. Don't usually comment, but this is definitely not the direction I wanted LP to take, I'm all for maturing with the audience etc... but this is a step too far. Chester sounds terrible too much post production. The Girl sounds nice. I'll buy the album for the collection but I don't think it'll get much play time judging by Mikes comments Alas I'll just be glad them to see them tour again. Hopefully in the UK!
  5. Got a decent video of remember the name solo and dirt of your should/ lying from you. http://youtu.be/1_oqhgn1OEwenjoy
  6. Mike makes this song great, love it. Right when you think... I could use a bit of screaming Chester you get it! Amazing
  7. I love it!!! I'm very excited by the new album, The intro has a good vibe very energentic no complicated verses and obvious chorus what more does a man need! I even like the random dude rapping reminds my of the WITH YOU reanimation remix no? GREAT
  8. Most places offer digital downloads with their CD so its not too much to expect instead of asking customers to pay twice for the same content where in this case you can get the digital copy while waiting for the CD to arrive.
  9. Anyone know if the digital CD comes with the package? I've got nothing yet... but still new. Also have summit passes always been sold separately or is this new?
  10. Been told to come back at 4 no need to collect tickets at box office names will be on guest list
  11. On my way now look out for a brown guy in a lp shirt with the lpu "Rabbies" t shirt. I may be too shy to find people so please come say hi. Follow me on twitter @nimitron for the odd update
  12. Just got an email about early entry and stuff did you guys get it? Does that mean we just take our print out and line up there or do we still have to go to the box office and get tickets?