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  1. I was actually thinking maybe LP kept saying they weren't touring other than Japan because of this whole thing HCT with the clues and just was suppose to keep quiet because of it.
  2. Per Honda Civic Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HondaCivicTour Think you know who the 2013 Civic Tour headliner will be? Today’s clue: first show was at a venue on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Check back daily for clues! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, SEE OFFICIAL RULES. Guess does not have to be correct to allow entry. http://hondacivictour.com/guesstheheadliner
  3. Mike going crazy in the crowd makes up for nothing over BIO, so epic
  4. the WID solo was so weird and Mikes na na na's sounded really high, and wtf, they do only censor in between songs!
  5. Sounds like Joe's samples are fucked up. New Divide sounds fucked.......
  6. Most likely when the ATS cycle is over.
  7. I got all of the six cards and I'll tell you this, the prize is pretty cool imo, although the mixing is kind of weird especially for Iridescent.
  8. Oh I'd love a DSP of the 26.07.2004 Projekt Rev. show!!! Being able to hear that show again would just bring so awesome memories when I was there!
  9. Thanks for the info Adam! The shirt does look pretty awesome, very excited for it!
  10. My friend got his yesterday when we redeemed them at the same time, ship date now says Sept 6th. =/
  11. Wow the first time I've seen Chester not molest the mic stand during NMS
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