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'Reading My Eyes' Returns


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Here's a little history about the song 'Reading My Eyes', a Xero song from their 1996 cassette tape. Linkin Park decided to pick up the song and add it to their live arsenal in 2006 on their short summer outing in Japan, where they played three Summer Sonic Festival shows and one show at the Zepp in Tokyo. Recordings of the last 3 of the 4 shows on that run are easily obtainable (LPU 6 even has it), so there's no need for me to put links for those.


The band didn't play it at all in 2007 or early 2008 on the "Minutes To Midnight" touring cycle, but they finally played it again at the first show of their summer 2008 European tour in Skive, Denmark (show page here). You can count on one hand how many performances of it were on the 14 show tour that summer. It didn't make the cut for the famed Milton Keynes show that was filmed for the Road To Revolution DVD...it got dropped in favor of some other songs. Currently, no show has been released in DSP form from that tour that has 'Reading My Eyes' in the setlist. Bummer! On that tour, the band rotated setlists with the letters X, Y and Z. X was the one that featured 'Reading My Eyes', so when it came time to play Set Z in Venice, Italy (show page here) at the 11th show of the tour, there was a surprise!


JomJom, an active LP community member from Italy, asked the band to sign his Xero tape at the M&G for the show and asked them to play 'Reading My Eyes'. It was actually almost accomplished but Chester voted no on it, so it wasn't played. However, Mike decided to rap verse 1 of it over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out'.



Later that year, Mike decided to rap verse 1 of 'Reading My Eyes' over the intro of 'Bleed It Out' in Maryland Heights, MO (show page here).


(No video was shot of this...only audio in the form of the DSP exists)


So last year I ventured my lazy self to Europe to attend four shows on the summer tour, and one of them was in Stuttgart. I got a M&G in Switzerland and planned to ask Mike to repeat the 'Reading My Eyes'/'Bleed It Out' mashup but I had Brad and Joe at the M&G. So in Stuttgart, Teagan (Anne) was very nice and agreed to ask Mike to do it and instead he rapped it over the outro of 'Points Of Authority'. Definitely the highlight of the tour for me!



Well last night in Frankfurt, maatze asked Mike to rap 'Reading My Eyes' over 'Bleed It Out' at the LPU M&G and he complied! Right here is where I'd like to shoutout to all of the LPLive staff and members that have gotten the band to change stuff up on this tour. 'Lying From You' and 'Leave Out All The Rest' were added to the setlist and Mike has rapped both 'A Place For My Head' and 'Reading My Eyes' over 'Bleed It Out' due to requests from the LPLive camp. Thanks guys! We unanimously agree that these small changes each show make each DSP more worthwhile to get and make each show just a little more unique. Read about the Frankfurt encounter here.



So there's our 'Reading My Eyes' live history lesson. This makes it THREE years in a ROW that Mike has rapped part of the song over another song in the setlist and we'd like to say thanks for helping us make it happen! Maybe we can make it four next year!


Is there anything else you guys would like to see Mike rap over 'Bleed It Out'? I think this year is a good time to ask him to do it. Maybe 'Step Up'? What about something else? Would you like to see the full 'Reading My Eyes' return? Would you rather have THAT or 'A Place For My Head' in full?

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I would jizz if The boys play RME in full at a Sydney Show.

Such an awesome song with so much history. Now thats really a shoutout to all hardcore fans unlike papercut, Cos unless you follow the band like we do, you wont know the song.



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lol if you want the real bleed it out go listen to MTM

live versions to me always need to have something very special, different


the mashups of bleed are pretty good, specially the APFMH one.

no reason to be rude only because she prefers the normal bleed it out version. i loved the apfmh-bleed it out thing, but it's also understandable that some people don't. that should be respected.

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JomJom...asked them to play 'Reading My Eyes'...but Chester voted no on it, so it wasn't played.

Somebody issue a diva alert for Chazzy Chaz. Teamwork is great, but a 5-1 vote shouldn't go in Chester's favor, especially when the request comes from a LPU/Street Team/Fan site member.


Great job with the RME history lesson, Hahninator :)

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