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  1. Guys I've got a problem... I can hear the sound from StageLight only in headphones and CAN'T TURN THE VOLUME DOWN. I think my head is going to explode... StageLight won't apperar in volume settings and there is no sound in speakers too. Anybody who solved this already?
  2. D4X

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Broken Foot sounds like A.06 in some parts :-k
  3. Hmm... I don't know... No Roads Left is amazing song... but it sounds really strange over Bleed It Out...
  4. Mike should definitely check this thread and tell us something we didn't know before : )
  5. Ye it was cool when Chester left him singing alone for a second IMO
  6. Don't know if posted or not. Here's full Faint with the guy singing
  7. Nice interview but I'm missing the question if there would be available proshots from screen with DSP's : )
  8. My favorite song is definitely The Hard Way, it has some kind of awesomeness which others don't have : )
  9. Definitely Dedicated Verse 1, chorus, 2 : )
  10. Downloaded, uploaded and here's the link: *LINK REMOVED CHECK YOUR MESSAGES -LPL Staff
  11. My hopes goes for A Place For My Head, Blackout and P5hng Me A*wy : )
  12. I saw some vids and it was really awesome when the crowd was singing. I'm really proud of fans who can totally rock out these performances. I don't mind if there would be a record of "only-crowd-sang" performance (as BA videos). That would really blow up my mind! : )
  13. What time should the show start? : ) I hope they'd play Blackout, it's awesome song : ))
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