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  1. This. think too many 'ask' just will make them boring on tour fast...
  2. good interview, like those pics too, they all amazing
  3. great work! love it, especially the parts with chester in the water! JoeHahn rule!!!
  4. thank u guys for the song! love it so much, especially chester's part!
  5. love the song and this definitely a great vid. and think about the sunglasses, maybe that means to keep the singer just like a "background" in this vid.
  6. wow looks you guys are so excite. well, i think why we have this discussion just cuz a stupid guy named 1994RH to yelled his slogan[ at a wrong place. this the point i think ], and he got a result he dont like. idk if he is one of yours or not. but i think if a issue very sensitive, then the best way is dont mention it at everywhere. or of course started a discussion. i think you are very clear about what is the "good brother's range". and im very sure we cant persuade each other at this time.
  7. of course Taiwan is a part of China. Chester is right, even on historic lesson he is more right. and I dont know what the mean "lots of fans in Taiwan ", well, just some like you okey? you can't represent anything. he disappointed you[and those guys who has same political orientation with you], but let another guys feel good, this is Politics. just cant understand that guy named 1994RH on twitter, if they don't wanna talk about Politics, why when Chester mentioned China, he/she sprung out and yelled slogan. feeling so stupid LOL
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