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  1. Ha Ha Ha I read all the article written by the people who get back from the concert tonight! However, for now no one talked about POA!!! I don't know why............ haha But lots of people complain no papercut.
  2. My sister and friends went!! (I am in US so I can't ) They said it's awesome as usual of course! But they said it's too short and the bands didn't talk much or interact much with fans (compare to 2 yrs ago). They said they seem to be in a rush because the concert need to be ended before 10pm. It rains a lots during the sets of Hoobstank and AAR. They said Hoobstank dedicated "The reasons" to the victims of the typhoon. The big screens seem to have some problems that it shut down couple times (might because of the rain). The rain stoped when LP took stage. I read someone's article said that the LPU went horribly wrong. The promoter or whoever took charge didn't know there is a LPU M&G. When they asked the staffs where is the M&G, nobody knew and someone even got told that it's been canceled. Only two LPUer went in successfully to meet LP members. This time is Mike and Phoenix. The person said that Mike is so surprised since there were supposed to be like 50 people. All the other people who signed up to the M&G just missed the chance. The person said that Mike is so nice to sign 2 autograph. One for the person's friend who is one of the other unlucky 48 LPUer. Oh I forget to say the news said LP donate 20 thousands USD through MFR. Thank you guys so much for the help to my country. Some video has be upload to youtube. LP at Taiwan
  3. Thanks for the video! Wow! Now I have to say the mixing technique is amazing nowaday! They can fix pitch like that now!! I am so not updated. Anyway, Chester now sounds good in the video! No matter what, I think it is a good 1st performance of New Divide. Hope Chester will do better then the song will be perfect.
  4. I love this episode, hope it's longer. Mike and Chester hiding in the balloon part is cute! The British part is really funny and Mike's singing part is great!! Great episode! Lots of news and video to watch recently! I love this.
  5. wow the visual effect is amazing!! However, I don't know is the resolution of myspace is not high enough or what Some scence looks quite wierd. BTW, where is the flying scene in behind the scene??? They seemed to have hard time doing the flying scene and it almost not appears in the video? Poor them haha. Anyway, I think the video fits transformer quite well!
  6. I missed this one. This one is short but I think it's a decent Chat. Brad answered questions in quite details. I really hope there is a LPTV about New Divide. I really want to know the whole process to make this song. Looking forward to the New Divide video. The pictures on Mike's blog looked great! Hope it will come out soon.
  7. 10 songs only???? I want a DBS tour in US. maybe the live house tour.
  8. Same question how you find it???? where in mikeshinoda.com? I checked the first page and picture session. didn't see anything did he take the picture off from his site? Cool picture!! Can't wait to see the video. Should be good.
  9. I don't expect to much from Brad........... Most of the time, he just don't answer informative answers. I am only impressed with Chester and Mike's chats. I always thought Phoenix supposed to do a good job since he is really fun guy in LPTV and most interview. However, last time is a big dissapointment. Oh my God!!!!!!What a waste of time. It's so boring. Well, this time is not MRF. The topic is about "new divide" It supposed to be better. Hope Brad can do a better job. It can't be worse than last time.
  10. chazmike

    DBS Updates

    The album title sounds really good. Does this mean we will hear new material at July? besides the 4 known songs? Hope they will give the tour date soon. I guess US tour only maybe. Want to know how many songs will in the album. Can't wait!
  11. Now, I really look forward to see the video. This song is really good. I love it!!!!!!!!! I also want to hear they play it live! too bad they don't tour in US this year. Makes me want to buy a flight ticket to go home to see them this summer.
  12. Damn............Great! Time to sleep so I can wake up to hear it tomorrow morning.......... What a long wait haha
  13. Talinda's Twitter says there is no rap part in New Divide.
  14. of course video shoot of New Divide --> Talida's Twitter She also shared some pictures of Chester. She just posted: Chester in make-up Chester with Gun
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