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  1. Aaaand that's what happens when I forget about a pet project of mine. Sorry, guys. I've been focusing on my daughter, and put this one on the back burner. I've been in touch with Astat and RogueSoul and we're compiling back into the original Google Doc. In all honesty, I'm certain the reason I quit working on the Remix Guide in the first place was because I was doing pretty good with formatting the boxes to reference album art colors. Minutes to Midnight was white-on-black, while A Thousand Suns was black-on-white. So when the Hunting Party came out--yet another black-and-white album, I panicked and gave up, Edit -- Updated the original Remix Guide today with Astat. I added The Hunting Party, but I haven't confirmed anything from that for myself. I usually let Astat get the Key, because he's honestly more into the music theory than I am. He's been updating the key for some of these songs, and even getting into modes which is something I'm not super familiar with (I could only afford classes up to Theory II, and never got III or IV). I would love for there to be a readme file that could give a few ideas on what the guide could be used for, who the collaborators are, maybe a few helpful links to music theory resources. Another thing I think might be helpful... for these Rock Band / Guitar Hero games where the stems for songs are eventually going to come up, but no, they haven't yet, I think those should be noted. Maybe just with the game title. Remember how Breaking The Habit was on Rock Band 3, but it took considerably longer for those stems to come out, than say, Numb? EDIT 2 -- How has nobody gotten the tempo for Final Masquerade yet? It literally starts with drums! Okay, it doesn't have a downbeat, but... drums! Lol. I kid, I kid. I'm just a little bit frustrated because I didn't actually have the hard drive space for my LP collection at the moment on this computer. I actually only have a few songs worth of stems, just enough for projects I thought were worth bringing over from my old laptop. I need to get another hard drive. Sucks being poor.
  2. Shit, I meant to give you editing privileges on the original doc. The idea was that the first page of the Excel sheet would be for main LP Studio Albums (or their major releases, to account for Reanimation and Collision Course), the second page would be for LPU tracks and other directly Linkin Park related minutiae (DJ Hero Stems, Tasty Breaks, etc). Then Fort Minor / DBS / STPwCB / solo related projects. That way it would be a little easier to navigate. :-) Send me a PM or a message on SoundCloud; I'd be more than happy to work with you so the formatting works out to everyone's advantage--I'm not 100% sure I know how to do it, but you can copy your data into Astat and myself's original file and I can format it for you and give you credit. I'm sorry, Soul, I'm really bad about this type of stuff. I didn't know this project would actually be popular and useful.
  3. Image looks like an abstract facepalm... Run it through a spectrogram, or FL's Beep Map...? See if the image can produce an audio signal?
  4. No idea. I thought I fixed that forever ago... shit.
  5. Sure, as long as they're right. I'd like to encourage checking and rechecking. Honestly, I have no idea anymore. Sorry.
  6. Man, I remember when this came out and the internets were all like, "THIS IS TOTALLY LINKIN PARK." The CD I got this song from was the CD I first hear Grey Daze on. Also, this song is pretty epic. Still remember the lyrics: "i'm running out of patience and my life is over." Definitely worth a listen, even if it's not Linkin Park. At all. Yeah, that's never sounded like Mike. I'm not sure why people thought it was. I listen to this 1000x before I listen to Rock and Roll. Sorry HBMS. I love Hydroponikz verse here, and love the way he seamlessly integrated the instrumental with the short Chester section on the actual song.
  7. I don't have any issues with Minutes to Midnight, but the project Astat and I are working on is more about "updating" old songs via remixed covers in ways that reflect how Linkin Park has matured over the years--while also incorporating elements from bands that influence the both of us. It's a long way off, honestly, because Astat is working on some original projects of his own--he can tell you more about those, but I'm really looking forward to them--so I couldn't ask him to devote the time for the guitar parts to 6 or 7 songs right off the bat. Yeah, there'll be some Xero tracks--like Reading My Eyes and one other, but pretty much anything worked on between 1996 and 2001 is fair game. I know that's a weird answer, Geki, but we aren't really thinking about doing any Minutes tracks right now. I'm also working on a couple of projects in the meantime. In January of 2012, I released my first album, Entropy, comprised of 6 original works. Right now I'm up to my nipples in work on the follow-up to that. There's also a secret project I'm involved with that I can't tell you anything about. And then I'm using most of my spare time to work on my LP Mash-Up album, Identity Crisis, which you can check out progress here.
  8. Whoa, thanks for the thread, Hahninator! You guys are all awesome, thank you so much for the compliments! And yeah, I think you guys might hear more collaborations from Astat and I. It's entirely possible. But shhhh... haha. An embarrassingly long time, considering how much further I know I can go. Almost eleven years, now. Same with percussion, not just drums. I'm actually a percussion major at a local-ish college in Southwest Missouri.
  9. And One Esaul [LPU 11 / Frat Party verses] Roads Untraveled Lost In The Echo Robot Boy [Alt Vocal Option] A Place For My Head Forgotten P5hng Me A*wy Iridescent Blackbirds
  10. Anthony is not only very so intensely knowledgeable when it comes to Linkin Park and music in general, he is also one of my closest friends. I've known you for almost 8 years, now, and it's always a pleasure to have long conversations about the music theory minutia buried in Linkin Park songs until neither one of us knows what the hell we're doing anymore. I've enjoyed working with you more than I can say, and I look forward to working with you some more, dude. Thanks, bro!
  11. Happy birthday, you awesome son of a bitch :)

  12. They need to bring High Voltage back... Holy fuck that shit balls hard live. And Forgotten, if they retool it a bit.
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