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Some Facts from the Listening Event


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Here are some news from the Listening Event yesterday at Los Angeles


- Upcoming tour will consist of mostly arena venues!

- VMA setlist on Sunday 9/12 will be more than 1 song. I said 6-7 and Mike said that it might be pushing it.

- Possible plans for another art show next year.

- Mike is excited to play WaK on tour and said the guitar parts should be fun.


Thx to skyzlmt for the information


What do you guys think about this?

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No Projekt Rev outside = fail :(

mike meens this up and coming tour europ and usa and other places they will still have PR he wasint even talking about when they do PR just this up and coming tour

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Hopefully they don't play any songs from that piece of crap new album.



Comment FAIL!





Great News !!!


I think they will being releasing at least 3 songs from ATS, The Catalyst, Wretches And Kings and Burning In The Skies + the Interludes like The Requiem and The Radiance as an Intro of Burning In The Skies, and Fallout as and Intro of The Catalyst...


My guess..

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