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  1. Man this sucks. Orlando was a great show, between the venue, setlist, and opening acts. Hope for a speedy recovery
  2. I was there. It was awesome. If you ever get the chance to go to one of these do it.
  3. Realllly hoping to be picked by the LPU for this rehearsal. Either way ill be at WPB and Tampa cant wait.
  4. Im good with that we just got (THP) and I cant wait until the tour starts. This will be nice though
  5. If anyone finds out how locals can win/go to this let me know. I live here and would love to go somehow.
  6. The real Batman would never say something was too raw.
  7. Badfish is more Sublime than this Sublime and they are just a cover band! But also, good luck getting gigs with major headlining acts now that arent into all that. Looks like a bunch of Sublime/Dirty Heads/Pennywise tours for the rest of your careers!
  8. Solid song, I really like it. Put this with GATS and youve got what could be the range of the album. And its becomging extremely evident, you cant please everyone (and it feels more and more like you cant please anyone at all). Love this direction and cant wait for The Hunting Party!
  9. THAT was LEGIT! Rakim is a legend and an added bonus. Mind blown.
  10. I just spent alot of money and got seats for West Palm and VIP Pit for Tampa. LP at a (minor league) baseball stadium? Im in.
  11. No I have the Lpu password it just doesn't let me get pit tix
  12. Anyone know how to get pit tix in West Palm? Not showing up for me
  13. West Palm is my "home" amphitheater since I live here, really hoping they come back. If not, I'll travel to Alpharetta like I did for the Honda Civic because that place was really awesome.