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LP in Bangkok / Asian Tour


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I saw my friend (LP_YEAST)'s update recently...

"Linkin Park live @ Bangkok, Thailand 20.11.2010 --- Tickets available soon; wait for official confirmation"


Part of our conversation:

me: "is your news legit?"

yeast: "yep.. 99.99% sure"

me: "where did you get that?"

yeast: "Warner Bros Thailand + Promoter of the show BEC-Tero has announced this news around 2 weeks ago"

me: "so is there an Asia Tour?"

yeast: "yep.. I think so, they will announce for more tour dates soon.."


Waiting for official band confirmation but it seems like after Europe, Linkin Park will head to Asia for a run of shows followed by a mid-December run in Australia. USA tour maybe after that? Seems like the plans are set for Asia and Australia before the end of the year!

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Bring on Shanghai,China

Im soo down to fly out to shanghai again

couldn't make it to shanghai last year.


hope my dad will take me to shanghai this year i already told him i wana go back this year.


EDIT- just realized i wouldn't have enough time to get back before school comes back after Thanksgiving Break.

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I wonder when they are going to do the US tour..between november and december is a small gap, I believe LP will tour 2011 in the states. Which is really late (with ATS releasing in september) I mean cool that they care about europe and the rest of the world and maybe they tour these countries first so they have plenty time for a US tour.

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Good news! LPL always knows the dates before anyone else ^^


I guess the Asia/Australie dates are the last in 2010. Then in January/February/March they will tour the US and after a small break they'll play some festivals in Europe in the summer.

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A full Canada tour and a few Mexico dates would be cool. The USA gets a lot of shows. I'm fine if they don't come until Projekt Revolution 2011 in the summer, lol. Give some attention to the rest of the world. Play another, bigger, South American tour in March. Israel, South Africa, all sorts of Asian countries, etc. Euro festies.

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