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  1. I was the one that personally asked Joe and he did confirm 100% guarantee that Iridescent will be in the soundtrack for TF3. At first hahaha, he said they were doing a remix of Lil Wayne hahaha
  2. I don't think last setlist is one of the three "new" setlists. I'd call it a warm up setlist. If he really said 3 new ones they wouldn't use this current setlist as one just because they reversed two songs. And the ATS Songs have been rolling out pretty quickly. I could see robot boy being out by next week. They've been really excited about the new stuff and i've heard many people being really excited about robot boy including myself. I think it'll be sooner than we think.
  3. I may be one of the few people who really wants to hear robot boy live. And they won't push it off till the end. They premiered blackout AND Bits on the 5th or 6th concert in australia after the break period. And I'm very sure they've been practicing alot since Christmas. I wanna hear it live more than any other song.
  4. They just have to Keep the requiem intro. That is an amazing intro and there really anything I'd want otherwise.
  5. They gotta have this huge dramatic intro, and then play the most peaceful song ever like in between haha. Anyhow robot boy is all I need!
  6. if i know Linkin Park there'll be some sort of a LP track. perhaps a live track or something of the sort. they know that if there's a linkin park track on it, more people will donate. plus, with MFR being an LP foundation, it wouldn't make sense otherwise
  7. I was just so happy to see the date confirmed for early January and on a vacation date. Hey, with so many MN fans here....Astat and Jtrain, you guys should come with ben and I.,,,,we're all working on getting M&G...very possible we'll all get it.
  8. in the end was a great video back then..but now, looking at the cgi is just Cheesy hahah. And i don't know why people keep bringing up What I've Done, it's good but not that great of a video. Good message but video wise not really. And I personally am not a huge fan of Given Up...it's cool but not great.
  9. Wow, Bono is kinda being an ass here? And to think LP looked up to U2
  10. he has the source underneath with a link called source.
  11. haha sorry, it's not that I'm trying to be first. I'm busy right now and just quickly posted it. I figured everyone here knew Mike's blog.
  12. that's from mike's new blog post on mikeshinoda.com
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