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What I've Done (zwieR.Z. Remix)


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Hey guys, I'd like to present you my last Linkin Park remix before a long break. I worked really hard on this one and it took me a whole month to create this remix. It has a drum solo, long intro... I hope you'll like it.


Linkin Park -What I've Done (zwieR.Z. Remix):


MP3 (320 kb/s): rapidshare.com|sendspace.pl

FLAC (870 kb/s): rapidshare.com

Online: YouTube.com


Feedback will be appreciated!

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its great but i recommend you create some extra vocal effects like some extra echoes or something. same with your new divide remix. you're really talented with making beats. they sound great and are very catchy. i also think it would sound nicer with the original piano loop but thats just me :)

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The remix is really good! musicaquality wise seen it could really be official, there's no difference to officially releasd tracks. The only thing that bothered me a bit were the kinda simple drums sometimes. It's really catchy but somehow could have been more variated imo. but that's really just a little thing. It's also pretty near to the original, so I think you could create something more unaffected by the original song easily, but that doesn't matter for the remix itself, just for your next work after the break ;) I'd say 9/10

hope to hear something new in the next months.

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