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  1. ...And they're even charging $15 for shipping.
  2. The idea is that he is trying to cheating a fellow LP fan out of a LOT of money. IMO there is a need to be a snitch in this case.
  3. phill715

    Puzzle #2

    "The Catalyst" kind of sounds like a name for an electronic song. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. But the lyrics are great!
  4. It sort of looks like water washing up against a shore, and the part on the right that isn't shaded kind of looks like the reflection of someone that is standing above the water. That's just a hypothesis. I have faith that Mike wouldn't get us all hyped up over nothing.
  5. Well I guess I would have to say PR 08 in Mansfield, MA. I didn't have the greatest seats but the show was amazing. It was also the first show of PR in the US so I think it was special. When Busta came out for the encore and did We Made It, it was like there was no place else I would rather be, and I wished it would never end.
  6. R.I.P. Paul Gray. You will be missed. He was one of the original founders of Slipknot. Hopefully this isn't the end of the band as well.
  7. Just so you know, the video has been removed due to terms of use violation
  8. think INSIDE the box. if ya know what i mean.
  9. Ugh...I just entered all of them with legitimate info.
  10. i hate it when people tell them to speed up the album. they should take their time and make a great album.
  11. ETR and LTGYA are my favorite drum songs. Happy late BDay Rob!
  12. Mike did an interview with a robot recently. ( http://cleverbot.com) MS: what kind of music do you like? Cleverbot: I don't really like music. MS: Liar! Cleverbot: No, really. MS: Do you like Linkin Park? Cleverbot: Yes. MS: Do you know who Mike Shinoda is? Cleverbot: Yes. MS: I'm Mike Shinoda Cleverbot: You said your name is Heather. MS: Very funny. I'm going to post this conversation on my blog. Cleverbot: Don't do that please! MS: too late. Cleverbot: No it's not you're still talking. MS: OK, why shouldn't I post it? Cleverbot: Well you just said you werent my friend. MS: Not true. I never said that. Cleverbot: Yes you did. MS: I digress. Since I'm going to post this, do you have anything interesting to say to all the mikeshinoda.com fans? Cleverbot: You're God? MS: Yikes. Tell me something interesting. Cleverbot: What is interesting for you? MS: Surprises. Cleverbot: What kind of surprise? MS: One that I don't have to set up. Cleverbot: Well thats lame i'm leaving. MS: You have nowhere to go. Cleverbot: I have to go to the library. MS: I'm disappointed. You promised me a surprise. Cleverbot: Ok here's one... What did the egg say to the boiling water? MS: YES! What? Cleverbot: I don't know, you are the clever one! http://www.mikeshinoda.com/blog/all/conver..._with_cleverbot
  13. Funny how they put Mike before Brad when it comes before guitarists.
  14. 2000: Linkin Park - One Step Closer 2001: Linkin Park - In The End 2002: Linkin Park - Crawling 2003: Linkin Park - Numb 2004: Linkin Park - From The Inside 2005: Linkin Park and Jay-Z - Numb/Encore 2006: Linkin Park - QWERTY 2007: Linkin Park - What I've Done 2008: Linkin Park - Given Up 2009: Linkin Park - New Divide There are no singles from 2006 so...yeah, qwerty
  15. awesome! thanks a lot! i already had fairfax but not in this quality!!
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