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  1. here's the link at my gallery... http://linkinparkphotos.eu/freshy/gallery?...&gallery=24 If u would like to edit the first post with this link it will be a good thing xD
  2. I've downloaded the photos in original size an if someone want them I will put them on my site....let me know if you are interested so I will post the link at the gallery
  3. yeah black is better but I would have preferred more Mike Shinoda style in this shoes
  4. The shoes by the DC that we seen at the GLXS Dies are made by DC in collaboration with the SURU and Mike Shinoda, that contribute at the original artwork for the sole of the sneakers. The shoes will be released in December 2009 limited to 500 pairs. On the tongue there are the logos MS DC and Suru, and on the side there is the SURU logo. To watch some images of the soes you can go here or at my article, where I've also add the photos of the sneakers from GLXS.
  5. The site LP Russia has posted 3 videos about Crawl back In, Fire and My Suffering in high definition (1280 x 720 pixel) of the live at Ferropolis, in Graefenhainiche - Germany I've uploaded them on megaupload, there are the links: Single archive .zip - Crawl Back In + Fire + My Suffering - HD - 169 mb Crawl Back In - HD - 60 mb Fire - HD - 63 mb My Suffering - 47 mb Links by LinkinParkPhotos.eu
  6. DBS:Brasil was right....yesss...
  7. mmh....i think that il 30$ also for Italy...mmh to much for me....I wait for what scans on the web xD
  8. The Honda Fury customized "Icon" is on selling on eBay at this link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260469673117#ht_500wt_1182
  9. yessàààààà that's so cool....xD
  10. ok...i think this could be a almos-official source... better for me...cause i posted it on my site...obviusoly with the link to DBSbr
  11. no official source for now....probably is just a supposition of the staff... this can be the why they wrote "the date can be suffer some changes"
  12. yes that is obviusoly thanks Japanese release!!!
  13. usually i don't think that WB is so stupid to leave New Divide in their server before the release.....u can find it some moments before the release, but not some days before... And for the CD of DBS i think that dbsbrazil would like to say that they sell the CD before online (but not on MySpace)...and then in the stores...
  14. Dead By Sunrise Brazil said that the video will be avaiable on the DBS MySpace from the 8 September. They add also that the complete CD will be avaiable on web from 8 October. Is it real or is only a supposition?
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