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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys! Appreciate it! And thanks everyone for the kind comments. I'm glad you enjoy it!
  2. Guys, you do know you were supposed to judge the remix work and not the original tracks, right? I mean, you obviously love Place To Start, but I actually remixed Over Again. Anyway, thanks for the votes and congrats to other contestants! How exactly does it work now? Mike gets the top 5 tracks from each commetee or the entire list?
  3. Here's my last minute entry. I'm truly exhausted but at the same time very happy. The track has been in the works for over 5 weeks and I feel like I've poured my entire soul into this. I'm glad I actually started even before the acapellas were out because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish it on time. This is the first time I wrote proper lyrics in English and my first serious attempt at rapping so I still can't believe it actually sounds exactly the way I wanted from the very beginning. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  4. When I started working on this project a few weeks ago I had no idea it would turn into a tribute to one of my biggest idols. I've seen Chester Bennington performing live 3 times and was lucky enought to talk to him twice in 2012 and 2014. We've only exchanged a few words but somehow he managed to amaze me with how kind and friendly he was. Honestly, I've never seen anyone to seem so happy just because he could talk to me. But that's how he was. And as much as I'm happy I got a chance to meet him, it makes it even more difficult to accept what happened last Friday. I mean, he wasn't just another celebrity from the TV. He was a real person. I talked to him, I shook his hand. And the fact that he decided to end his life that way leaves me heartbroken. I guess it's needless to say how important Linkin Park is to me, even if I don't listen to them as often as I used to as a teenager. Without Chester and LP I would be in a totally different place as a music producer and probably as a person. So I guess the only right thing to say right now is thank you for everything, Chester. We're all gonna miss you, you freakin' Legend.
  5. I'm no expert but I really don't think it's true. As Broman said, contrary to what some people think, remixing is also about writing new music from scratch. Some remixes are basically brand new instrumental songs mixed with somebody else's vocals.So technically none of the sides owns all the rights until they make a deal.
  6. I know that Xefuzion's Mark The Graves has changed and the mixing on my remix of All For Nothing is different. Not sure if that's all.
  7. Smokescreen is a remix of Guilty All The Same. As for Theories, it's an instrumental interlude. Pretty sure it's an original track, not a remix. Oh, and the LPU edition is actually slightly different from the LPA one.
  8. Well, I get your point, but still, they got the rights and released it themselves as Linkin Park. That pretty much makes it official.
  9. As for Viscera, it is an official Linkin Park remix album. The band obtained all the rights before releasing it through LPU.
  10. I really doubt this track is gonna be on LPU CD. It wasn't "LPU Sessions vol. 2" but a completely new competition held by Open Labs (creators of Stagelight). I actually won one of these monthly contests myself and I'm pretty sure the rules didn't say anything about LPU CD.
  11. Are you kidding me?! The crowd in Warsaw was freakin' sick! http://youtu.be/TSGu2fhyZ9c?t=1h1m57s And the band was very impressed as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_zBxN8xsRU
  12. Videos: Guilty All The Same Wastelands Until It's Gone & A Light That Never Comes Hip Hop Medley & Numb
  13. Sure, but it still works Anyway, looks like that channel which was posted earlier in this news wasn't official. Webcast should be available here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZTVG4yIm64prPlKeMGGVCw
  14. Seems to me that they screwed something up and that YouTube stream won't happen. Even the description of tonight's stream says: And here's a link that actually works: http://tvfree2.me/sic-radical-online
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