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Points Of Japan


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Mike updated his blog today saying....


"Didn't get to a computer at the venue, so I couldn't see the suggestions yesterday. We'll see if I can work a couple of these things in. Also, I don't know what's going on with the weather, but whatever it is, I don't like it, LOL..."


Okinawa, Taipei, Shanghai, Macao and Pomona, get ready for some awesome versions of 'Points Of Authority'! I think Mike saw some of your suggestions and will do some new stuff for us. Excited? Any guesses on what he will be doing in Okinawa?


Also, who in the world went to the Summer Sonic shows? Can we get any information on them please? Still missing all info from Osaka and 'Points' info from Chiba City.


The weather is looking really bad in Taiwan...hope the show will still go on!

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Well SpikeMinoda, I think it's time you and I flew to Asia to handle the reporting of information from these shows :P

why not^^!!! that's a great idea!!!! but i have to go to school -.-!! but if we're there no more problems about that!!!! can't wait for the next LP tour 2010 with new record, new logo and many other things!!!

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The weather is looking really bad in Taiwan...hope the show will still go on!

I hope the people are well, not just the show...i saw it a few times...there are not only just shows, people live there too... Edited by Poci
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This is the setlist from the show in Okinawa, Japan


1. Session

2. Given up

3. From the inside

4. Lying from you

5. Somewhere I belong

6. No more sorrow

7. What I've done

8. Breaking the habit

9. Leave out all the rest

10. Numb

11. New divide

12. Shadow of the day

13. Bleed it out

14. Faint

15. In the end

16. Crawling

17. One step closer


and this video Mike calls the people in Okinawa, Japan



Nothing that is relevant and all information is known about this show.-


thnks to roadtorevolutionbr.com

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