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Dead By Sunrise - Stuttgart Videos in HD


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As you all know, Dead By Sunrise played three songs in Stuttgart. Joe_LP, a member of the staff, alerted me to these videos that were posted on YouTube today. Check them out, they look really good to me - the best I've seen from DBS. They are in High Def too.



Enjoy! Check out Ryan Shuck of Julien-K going fucking crazy on guitar!

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"Fire" is so meh... kinda ok but so oh generic. chesters screaming might be the only thing that will never cease to amaze me.


"Crawl Back In" is alright, cool solo, nice chorus but pretty average riffing.


i never paid much attention to the songs DBS performed in 08. however, after making me aware if it, i did compare the versions of "My Suffering". im so shocked that they rewrote it to this vocally almost tame version. chester screaming "my suffering" is pure win, but except for being more fast paced than the previous songs i don't see anything special here either. the old version was much better!


seems like it won't compete for AOTY as i hoped it would. still curious how the studio versions will sound and what else is there on the album. i'm almost afraid that the slower songs will be the best.

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imo, DBS's rock side is nothing special. except for chester's powerful screams, the songs are average. i think the band's strong points will shine in their ballads. let down, walking in circles, and in the darkness are going to be the spectacular songs on out of ashes, we can already tell by the rips we have.

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am I wrong, or are there 6 guys on the stage?


chester, amir, ryan, brandon, elias and who is the 6th guy?

I think it's Fu


Band Members


Chester Bennington - Lead Vocals

Ryan Shuck - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Amir Derakh - Guitar & Synth

Brandon Belsky - Bass

Elias Andra - Drums

Fu Valcic - Keyboards 

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I like My Suffering a lot, both versions. Crawl Back In is also really cool. Not too big on Fire though, maybe it will grow on me.


In order of love:


My Suffering

Let Down

Walking In Circles

Crawl Back In

Morning After


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I totally loved the three DBS songs they played! :) It was definitely my highlight performance-wise! I also preferred the verses of the older version of "My Suffering" but this one is good as well! And thanks so much for sharing the HD videos - the quality is just amazing!

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