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  1. April

    Happy Birthday Pooch!

    Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best and keep up your awesome work!
  2. Propz for Ana! Awesome review! I think i gonna love the album and enjoy being shocked! srsly it makes me happy!
  3. Not impressed with the winner they'd better have chosen the song that differs from the true Catalyst more imho I hoped Mike would choose Alex McMillan or Indy Sagoo (he's also in top 20) - my two favourite mixes
  4. i expected something like this lol...............can't wait
  5. WOW! LoVE it! Light tearing the darkness! I dig all the artwork for ATS
  6. yeah that's more interesting!The description reminds me of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-phzsNvxcI
  7. I think because of this The chorus is not really identifiable with the first listen. The track runs itself without real structure. Linkin Park abandons the traditional verse / chorus maybe it refers to most of the songs
  8. OMG love it already more than M2M!
  9. The best at Fansite Contest! Absolutely amazing!
  10. I tried a random remix and i totally love it! http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/22985
  11. I'm 100% sure WB and Myspace and Indaba Music and Creative Zing Promotion Group ppl, they all are curious who'll bring them more money (1.Commercial Appeal of Mix: 50% !)
  12. If I were them, i'd try to listen to top 100 They had about 2 weeks to check out remixes Actually i didn't listen to much, mostly all sounds the same or disturbed my ears..... Number One should remain Number One
  13. Love La Petunia Rosssssa and My Twinkies are better than yours DangerSilent was the last in the line when God gave away brains )))
  14. register at idabamusic and then try widgets or this http://www.indabamusic.com/people/799856559/collaboration
  15. thanks for clearing it out (: it's a strange totally unprepared contest. And i don't understand why all these ppl share their remixes, they not gonna participate? isn't it supposed to be a never before released remix when you submit it? just don't get the situation lol
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